Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Thoughts?

As I revealed earlier this month, I have increased my player collections substantially by creating what is now three binders:

1) Rockies Stars Past & Present

2) Favorite Players from Teams not in Colorado

3) Sweet Rookies, Oddballs and Throwback Unis

I've tossed around the idea of adding a couple more players to each of the first two binders. Of course, the decision is ultimately mine, but I would like some feedback from my readers and fellow bloggers.

The only Rocky currently under consideration is Tyler Colvin.

While with the Cubs, I watched Colvin personally when he was playing for the Double-A Tennessee Smokies. TC batted .290 with 18 bombs and 72 RBI in his first season a mile high. I like his approach at bat and his willingness to play wherever Jim Tracy wanted him last season.

For my Best of the Rest binder, Jon Jay is up for discussion.

To be quite honest, I love watching Jay bat. I love the bat jumping up and down on his shoulder, the confidence he has getting the bat through the zone and the sheer power it generates. I may not be as much as Matt Kemp or even Carlos Beltran, but I'd watch Jay over those guys any day.

His sweet 2013 Topps didn't hurt either.

Finally, I don't know if anybody collects Dan Haren, but I may start.

I've had a strange obsession with ole Danny boy. Can't explain it, but it is what it is. In 10 years with St. Louis, Oakland, Arizona and Anaheim, Haren has 119 career wins with a 3.66 ERA. A lot of people hate on Haren because he's "injury-prone" and his control is sometimes questionable, but Dan has started 33+ games in seven of his ten season and has led the league in Strikeout to Walk ration three times.

There you have it. My three new candidates for binder-dom...or something like that. Please feel free to state your opinion. I'm also up for suggestions for all three. So, your thoughts?

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  1. I say: The more, the better.

    I will have to take a look through my stuff to see if I have any of their cards for you.