Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Package from the Clubhouse

Over the course of about seven months, I have developed a great friendship with Mark over at This Way to the Cluhouse. Mark and I have had some epic trades. We've been able to help each other build sets, player collections, and team collections.

A few days ago, Mark emailed me concerning the help I had requested on this very blog with 2013 Topps. He had a slew of doubles, and he was sending them my way. And send them he did! A nice stack of glorious 2013 flagship. I won't bore you with every card...just the ones I think you should see even though you've probably seen them hundreds of times already.

Take a look at these beautiful action shots. Didi looks like he could just float there forever. Oh, and I'm digging Mr. Weeks in the old school powder blues!

Miggy, Trout, and Beltre...talk about a Murder's Row. Better hope there is an Eric Byrnes batting behind Beltre in that lineup. You could at least pitch around one of them that way.

Is it just me or does Colby Rasmus look like he belongs in a boy band or on a skateboard in this shot for his '72 Mini? C'mon, man!!!

It's not often I get excited about a Yankee, but Tex was a pleasant addition to my Calling Card set. About half done with that one if I'm recalling correctly.

Mark was even gracious enough to toss in this Mauer GU for Ms. Ashley's PC. She was so excited when I told her something was coming for her in Mark's package. This is her first GU for Joe.

Thanks for the generosity, Mr. K. If you don't know Mark by know, you should. He'll hook you up, ladies and gentleman! And tell him Tim send you!

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  1. That Weeks card is one of my favorites from the set! The Holliday would be too, if I wasn't still having nightmares about another play at the plate that he was involved in (sigh - 2007).

    Oh, I almost missed your comment on Rasmus! That's pretty funny, he totally looks like the token "bad boy" that's really only tough by comparison. Not that I listened to any boy bands or anything... uh...

    Anyways, yeah, Mark is the man.