Monday, February 18, 2013

Sportlots, I Think I Love You

For months now, I've heard some of you talk about some website called Sportlots. One day, I had had enough of not knowing what it was about. I read about Adam's haul over on ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession one afternoon and thought, "I've got to get in on this!"

That is exactly what I did. As a result, I was able to knock out a huge portion of my want list. I bought from two sellers and have only received one package so far.

Good news: I am now only missing five from 2012 Topps Update! 
Bad news: Two of them are Harper and Trout. YIKES!!!

I've been trying really hard to complete this set with the help of my friend at the flea market I attend regularly. No such luck. Sportlots, though, helped me nail it. I am currently only missing ONE 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Hometown Heroes.

I even delved into the 2006 Ultra market picking up three from my want list. Unfortunately, the bulk of what I'm missing from this set is the "Lucky 13" cards.

Ok, I probably should have hit the 2012 Triple Play a little harder, but c'mon, who could pass up 2006 Ultra? This guy, that's who.

Two sets are completely D-O-N-E!!! 2012 Bowman and 2006 Topps SI for Kids, welcome to the Home of the Finished Sets.

Why is it so hard to complete the Topps Sticker sets? I think I'm done with these except for my PCs...that is unless I don't get sucked in by the $1.99 book and $.99 packs. Darn you, Target!

Slowly, but surely seems to be the theme of this blog. As long as it gets done right, there is no reason to rush. This Chrome Purple Refractors are getting scarce, though. I had to pick up what I could.

The only Toddfather from this seller come from the 2005 Topps Cracker Jack Sticker set. I'm 95% sure I don't already have it, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, it was just $.18. A dime, nickel and three pennies well spend.

This is just the start of what should shape up to be up to two weeks of awesome packages! I can't what to show you my latest eBay purchase. So latest that I haven't even paid for it at this moment!


  1. Glad you took the plunge and great pickups. You should also check out the auctions, they are different that ebay in format but you can get some good stuff fairly cheap at times.

    1. That's one thing I haven't experienced yet. Maybe very soon, though.

  2. Shoot, I guess I have to take the Sportlots plunge one of these days, too. I haven't been avoiding it, but I guess I just get the willies from not being able to view the cards I'm buying up front. Nonetheless, you and everyone else I've read seems to have pleasant experiences...

    1. I was a little worried about that, too, Mark, but all these cards were in great shape! I have nothing bad to say about my experience. I am just one transaction in, though.