Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2007 SP Rookie Edition

There is not much to say about this set, except that, again, Upper Deck had a pretty good concept. With so many "small-ish" sets that UD came out with during this time period, it seems like a desperate attempt to keep up with Topps and Fleer, for that matter.

Topps kept the designs coming with Allen & Ginter, Turkey Red, Heritage, Co-Signers, etc. Fleer even had its base and Ultra, as well as the decent sized insert sets from both.

Rookie Edition wasn't even my favorite SP set of the mid-2000s. I, personally, loved the SPx sets, especially the 2002 design.

But I digress. I have some big names up for grabs here.

Here's what I've got:

31 Jose Reyes
34 Cole Hamels
35 Jimmy Rollins
43 Matt Cain
44 Barry Zito
67 Justin Verlander
75 Francisco Rodriguez
88 Felix Hernandez
91 Carl Crawford

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