Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It Sucks Being Broke!!!

I may have to resort to my old summer job at the ballpark.

Getcha Buttscratcher Here!!!
So I don't have any new cards to post about. Instead to get my fix, I've been going through my doubles looking for something I may have missed before...And I found it.

I'm sure a bazillion people have posted or written about this card, but I haven't so, yeah.

Jose Offerman was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin before Austin was Austin. Gotta love that sweet Lou Thesz Press.

Or maybe it had been a long time since Offerman had seen Vince Coleman, a.k.a. the Met getting a face full of Mr. Offerman. Bro Hug!!!

Or maybe Coleman had beef with Dodgers then-second baseman Jody Reed and Offerman was just trying to keep Reed from getting beat to a pulp.

Or maybe this was a fight over former Dodger and Met (and Marlin, and Padre, and A) Mike Piazza. Take that Jose. Spinebuster!!!

Double A Style

Ok, I'm done.

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