Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Rack Pack

As we all know, it is Valentine's Day. The time of year that men (and some women) go out and spend extremely too much on flowers, balloons, dinner, jewelry and Lord knows what else because someone was genius enough to come up with a "romantic" holiday like this.

This year, I took a different approach and made dinner for Ashley. I am proud to announce that my house is still in tact, and everything is safe at the Byrd household. I did spring for a single rose and a small teddy bear to go with dinner, though. (Don't fret for her. Our anniversary is in eight days. Shoot me now.)

Anyway, being the awesome girlfriend she is, Ashley stopped by Wally World and picked up a 2013 rack pack for my Valentine's gift. Can't get much better than that!!!

Wanna see what I got? Of course you do.

These are the highlights of those I got to mark of the base set want list. I thankfully have arguably three of the priciest cards from the set via retail goodness (Harper, Trout, Rizzo). Bundy and Profar...You're next. (My best Goldberg impression.)

A silver foil Konerko and a Holographic foil Big Hurt and Carew from Chasing History. Not bad at all. Not sure how I feel about having the four different versions of an insert card, though. Kinda reminds me of Topps Stars, except better quality. 

Next, the other inserts. Altuve Chasing the Dream, Lincecum Calling Card and Votto '72 Mini. I'm a huge fan of these inserts! Especially, the Calling Cards. Can't wait to finish those.

Last, but not least...the cards that are up for trade. As I've stated before, the only blue and emerald I need are those from my PCs. Unless I think the picture is pretty sweet or unusual, they are on the block. The Nieuwenhuis and Jones are great photos, but not great enough to stay with me. Don't forget the Emerald League Leaders.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Or as my professor once said, "Happy VD!!!"


  1. Can we include the Emerald League Leaders card in our deal?

  2. I'm interested in those blue borders!!!