Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ryan Offered Me a Pitch

I'm rolling in the cards today, my friends. Two trade packages and some purchases for my Saturday escapades. Let's start with my trade with Ryan at Ryan's Pitch. I contacts Ryan about trading his 2012 Update extras for my 2012 Series 1 and 2 extras and inserts. Reviewing the goodies in 3...2...1...

Some of the nicer non-All-Star/Home Run Derby cards in the stack. Love the pic of Maicer hurdling Jonny Gomes, who ironically is another card Ryan sent.

Then, there are the ASG and HRD cards. As you may have notice in a previous post, I'm a big Mark Trumbo fan. I love the power. I love the willingness to play other positions to help his team and get in the lineup. That's something you just don't see everyday. Take Ian Kinsler, for example. No shot-taking here. I like Kinsler, but if he didn't want to play first, he should have just came out and told the brass no to begin with. Regardless, Trumbo is a prime member of the Home of the Toddfather.

Finally, Ryan had these sweet 2011 Allen & Ginter Relics at his disposal. Both of which I did not own...until now. Ryan came through big time for me with some great cards to help me toward completing two different sets. Thanks Ryan!!! Already looking forward to the next trade.

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  1. I'm thinking that Pena must be a post-game night-worn bad descision leisure suit.