Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2001 Topps Fusion

This set confused me a bit after buying a pack from the clearance box at Target a few years ago. "Why does this pack have different cards from different sets?" I thought to myself. As I started to catalog them, I noticed the numbers on the back did not match who should be that card number. Apparently, I did not notice the "Topps Fusion" label in the bottom left corner of the card.

Topps came up with the name "Fusion" because Bowman's Best, Finest, Gallery, Gold Label and Stadium Club are all fused into one set. (Thank you Baseballcardpedia.com!)

I like the idea, but one pack did not get me hooked. So have at it, my friends. Chipper and Biggio are the only big names, but all are cool cards.

Here's what I've got:
30 Chipper Jones
52 Dean Palmer
58 Craig Biggio
81 Geoff Jenkins
124 Jeff Segar

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