Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Guess It's My Turn

As I've watched everyone around the blogosphere breaking it there hobby and blaster boxes of the new flagship, I have to admit a bit of jealousy. Never fear, payday is here. I actually had enough disposable income from this paycheck, after stupid bills, that I was able to go to Wally World and pick up a hanger box and two packs. Why the choices? I couldn't tell you because I was just so happy to have them. Let me show you.

Let's start off with four of the biggest names I pulled. Darvish, Trout and Braun are all obvious choice here. I picked the Sale because of the uniform. The White Sox '72 duds are awesome in my humble opinion. I could have shown the Jeter close-up card. I'd rather gag myself first.

Next, some of the best photos in my group. Let's go in order:

Dustin Ackley - It is rare to find a card showing the ball connecting or about to connect with the bat.
Tyler Clippard - Peek-a-Boo
Luke Hochevar - Suppose to be the pitching savior as a #1 pick out of, guess where, Tennessee. Now he just wears the awesome powder blue Royals jersey.
Cameron Maybin - Apparently, I like all throwback unis no matter how hideous
Darwin Barney - Barney and the fans synchronized in arm raising
Daniel Descalso - DD showing off his Derek Jeter impersonation
John Jay - Beautiful timing by the photographer
David DeJesus - Watch out for that...ivy?
Rajai Davis - Great shot of the sheer jubilation of a walk-off win. 

Not much in the way of Rockies. I did get the base and gold parallel of Ramon Hernandez which is pretty sweet. Gonna need another CarGo for the binder, too.

Retail giving you the blues? Totally. I like the blues, but they are up for trade, except for the sliding McCann. That one's a keeper. Not often you catch McCann sliding.

This Chasing History insert is really cool in person. Probably gonna have to try to finish that one.

The one Emerald parallel I get, and it's Jose Contreras? Really? Needless to say. He is on the trading block. Preferably for a Emerald of one off my PC lists.

At first glance, I not a huge fan of this card. Not sure if I'm going to work on this insert set or not. I'll have to get a few more in packs to see. I'll get back to you on that.

So there you have it. The highlights of my first foray into 2013 Topps. Need/want the blues, emerald,
Johan Santana #89 or Rajai Davis #311, just let a brother know. You feel me?

Too much? Ok, my bad.


  1. You can add the two awesome Cardinals cards to my pile only if you want to keep them though.

  2. I agree with PATP -- never too much talk about new Topps cards!

    Also, I'd be happy to trade you for those blue parallels!