Saturday, July 19, 2014

James & Joe

If you read my last post, I mentioned a possible sequel to my LCS trip. In this post...I deliver.

I've mentioned several times on this blog how important it is to me to have someone that let's me be myself with my card collecting. Never once did I image sharing my love with, well, my love.

But dating Ashley has been all of the above. Not only does she support me (as long as the money allows), but she partakes in her own version of collecting.

Cool cards, shiny cards, unique cards. Cards of players she likes, she's watched, she's heard stories about, she's met. Oh and James Laurinaitis and Joe Mauer! That's right. Animal's son and "the cutie".

So whenever I'm out and about shopping for myself, I always try to sneak a few as a bit of a present for her. This trip to Knoxville was no exception. We've been in there so many times that Eddie knows to stash any stay Laurinaitis cards away because we'll be in soon enough. That was the case this trip.

Forgive me for lack of football product knowledge, but I was told the top two came from a high-end box break and straight into a draw waiting for me to pick them up. The consensus favorite was the Die Cut from Prestige with the Captain "C", honestly one of the sweetest football cards I've ever seen. 

These Joe Mauer cards required a little more digging on my part but well worth the time, effort and price. Shiny high-end and "old school" mini. Right up Ashley's alley.

I know there are better things to give a woman you love, but why waste a trip if she's into the same thing as you. (Lots of sarcasm there guys. Don't try this at home too often.)

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