Friday, July 11, 2014

Dude, Looks Like a Rainbow

Sometimes, things in life are spontaneous: a weekend trip to the beach, dropping $100 on a poker hand, ordering dinner instead of breakfast at Cracker Barrell.

Then again. Some things are accidental: ending up in West Virginia on the way to the beach, winning the $100 plus on a pair of twos, ordering dinner instead of breakfast at Cracker Barrell.

With this post, I will introduce you to the "spontaneously accidental rainbows", or SPACRs, in my player collections.

Here are a few of my mini SPACRs that are a bit odd.

One of the most underrated second basemen of all-time in 2008 Chrome, X-Fractor and Blue Refractor. Love the blue!

Two-time All-Star Steady Freddie rookies in 2011 Chrome, Refractor and Orange Refractor.

Longo in 2011 Chrome, Refractor and Diamond Anniversary Sparkle, or whatever its called. Notice the slight zoom on the Diamond Anniversary Sparkle. Weird.

The Trum-bomb in 2011 Bowman, Gold and Green. I'm pretty sure that is the only Bowman Green I own.

Ok, Joey Bats is technically airbrushed into the throwback Jays uni on the Black Chrome, but c'mon. It's the same picture.

Finally, an odd trio with Trumbo in 2014 Red Hot Foil, Toys R Us Purple and Power Players (code unused).

Now let us pump up the jams for the WCW SPACRs. (Ed. Note: World Championship Wrestling, whose slogan was "Where the Big Boys Play". Kudos if you get the reference.)

These 2011 Bowman Platinum Trumbo rookies literally look like I could find Lucky Charms under them.

My only Hosmer rainbow results in 2012 Walmart Blue, X-Fractor, Purple Refractor and Base. Not too shabby.

I love the colors on my 2012 Dan Harens. With just those four, Mr. T would be proud because they're pretty BA. Ha!

Ok. One of these 2012 Kimbrels may be an Opening Day, but should the Chrome Red count for a little extra? I think so, too.

Look at that sweet Longo 'bow from 2012. Just like the case with Kimbrel, the SP makes up for the fact one is an Opening Day stinker.

Last but definitely not least...

Yet another 2012 rainbow. This time featuring F-squared. Check out the colors just for the Chrome. Boy, an orange or red would sure fill that out nicely.

Do you have any SPACRs? I've love to see them, no matter the player or team. Send me the pictures or links to my email address or in the comments. Or maybe you can help make my rainbows more colorful? That would be awesomely appreciated. You can drop a line for that, too. I wouldn't turn down the help. Who knows? We might could help each other out.

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