Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good Reputation

I know we're over half-way through the All-Star Game, but this post is in celebration of your back-to-back Home Run Derby Champion...Yoenis Cespedes!!!

In this post, I'd like to celebrate the Cespedes win with a bevy of my favorite Cespedes cards.

It took awhile for Yoenis to get the gears going in the opening round, but once he did, though, it was over before it started.

Round 1 - 3, Swing Off - 1, Round 2 - 10, Round 3 - 7, Finals - 9 = 30 Home Runs

Those 30 home runs are fifth most in Home Run Derby history. That's 62 bombs in the past two competitions. With that reputation, how would captains not ask Yoenis to blast dingers every year?

I wasn't even really pulling for Cespedes to win as my family put a friendly wager on Derby contestants. Our names were randomized, as were the contestant's names, and we were matched accordingly. I was paired with Adam Jones.

Who had Cespedes, you ask? That would be my little brother.

With three of my favorite players in the Derby, I really couldn't complain. So what my brother took my $5. I got to witness as one player won back-to-back Home Run Derbies in the history of the even. I'm good with that.

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