Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Love Collecting Cards

Thanks to extra money from moving as I've mentioned before, I've been able to venture back out into the buying market deep waters and find some really great cards.

In addition to prowling the likes of eBay and Sportlots, I have recently been frequenting my LCS a little more often. Today's trip was not really planned, but after getting off early enough to make a trip to Knoxville, I decided that it was a great idea to visit Eddie at Sports Treasures. (FYI: If you're ever down this way, look him up. Great stuff for pretty cheap.)

Luckily, this time around, Eddie had some Allen & Ginter singles laying around. I couldn't pass it up.

Scored these for around $1 apiece. The Hosmer is an A&G back and obviously the Trumbo is the black parallel. I'm in love with this year's design. Am I alone here?

Even the inserts this year are different than normal or at least what I'm use to from A&G. Not sure about the name on these beauties, but who cares? At least they're not a plain white cardstock.

If you've read my blog in the past, you know that I hate the idea of high-end cards, but for $2 I couldn't pass up the Cespedes Museum. I actually spent more on the Goldschmidt SP, $3.

Finally, what would a trip to the LCS be without a Rockies haul? Arenado SP, high end Cargo, Rosario, and Tulo, and a couple Prizm Tulos. Not much else could be better, except maybe some Heltons I need.

All in all, a very successful stop. You may see more from this visit in the coming days, though, because I didn't just buy for myself.

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  1. My in-laws live near Knoxville and I have to go visit at least once a year. Mark from Mark's Ephemera told me about that card shop so I make sure to stop there every time I'm in Knoxville. The guy there is real nice it is a pretty good shop.