Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's a Long Way to the Top

Let's take a little trip down memory lane, friends.

All the way back to 2003.

Most of us remember Topps from that year. Blue border, crisp pictures...and very few parallels.

Every one knew the standard base and gold parallel cards. A few knew of the black and home field advantage variations.

Not pictured: Black. Don't have it but would love it.
But that was it! No camo. No pink. No yellow, green, orange, red, purple.

Don't get me wrong. I love the camo. I like the idea of the pink. I even like the purple, especially for Rockies cards. But dang!!! Enough is enough.

Like the majority of us, though, I still want to complete the rainbow.

Now 2014 Todd Helton rainbows in progress.

For the first time I can remember since probably 2005, the Toddfather has only had one card in the flagship. Thanks to his retirement in 2013, Topps threw him a bone, so to speak, and gave him two with one being his jersey number. Very cool. It just so happens I have "more of a rainbow" of that card than the retirement edition. Roll that beautiful

Not pictured: Base. Have it just no room in pic.

According to, I'm missing Clear, Green, Platinum, and the Printing Plates, which means I'm missing Green. While I'd love to land any of the others, realistically, I've got a better chance of being struck by a shooting star.

The retirement card, though...could use a little more work.

Not too shabby, but I lack Camo, Black, Clear, Platinum, Purple and the Printing Plates. I'd already have the Purple if Toys R Us packs weren't so darn expensive. Why pay $15 for a hanger box at TRU when you can spend $5 extra for a blaster at Walmart or Target? C'mon man! Still, the end is in sight.

Topps isn't the only company competing for rainbow bliss. With the release of Donruss, Panini is getting in the mix.

Although on a much smaller scale, you can see what's going on here...the base with multiple numbered parallels of which I'm missing one: Stat Line Season /22. Again, a little too far-fetched with my budget, but a guy can dream right.

In the scheme of things, I may only be missing a few realistic gets for my 2014 Todd Helton rainbow sets, but it sure feels like it's a long way to the top. (You see what I did there?)

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