Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dirt Cheap

Welcome to Show and Tell.

I've recently moved in with a friend of mine and actually have some disposable income to "waste" on cards. So recently I invested some money in a few boxes via the Blowout Cards Memorial Weekend Sale and added a few PC cards thanks to eBay and Sportlots.

You know, I really don't get into the NNO Allen & Ginter Minis, but knowing what I paid for a 2011 Edinson Volquez, I got this Helton for a steal, especially since it goes straight to the PC.

Volquez = $5 at Flea Market
Helton = $3.99 on eBay

Gypsy Queen Minis and Mini Variations, on the other hand, are a weakness. I'm really drawn to them. Not enough to build the set, but just enough to collect my favorite players. The Goldschmidt is a variation, and as you can tell, I grabbed the Freeman and Cespedes variations as well.

Not pictured are some Red Sox I picked up for my little brother: David Ortiz variation, Dustin Pedroia variation and Xander Bogaerts RC.

Blowout Form = $11.90

I joined the Series 2 craze about two weeks ago with my first blaster box. Pretty good stuff but not great. Last week, I cracked and got a second blaster...and boy did I score! My second SP of the year. I've only pulled two in my life! It's Nolan Arenado to boot!!!

Blaster = $19.99

Outside of working on his 2014 Donruss and Topps Rainbows, I've not really added too much to my Todd Helton collection. I was able to pick up a few from Sportlots while adding to my 2013 PC Project (update to come soon). Two relatively low-numbered and a promo.

 Sportlots = $3.00

Of course, I also have other player collections in which I can add awesome cards. Yoenis Cespedes and Evan Longoria are great examples. While I bought the Cespedes Heritage duo as singles, the Longoria couple appeared out of boxes. As I stated earlier, I partook in Blowout Cards Memorial Day Sale and busted a box of 2014 Donruss, which was probably the best box I've ever had the chance of opening. I was greatly surprised at pulling the Diamond Kings Silver Press Proof /199. The Saberstats insert appeared to me via the first of my Series 2 blaster.

Cespedes duo = $2.50
Donruss box = $57.00
Blaster = $19.99

I have been up to a lot more than this, but for now these cards a just a peek into the curious life of Tim Byrd. Ok. My life isn't very curious at all, but it sounded good!

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