Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Finest Countdown

Last week, I shared the cards I purchased to help complete my set already started. Tonight, friends, I unveil the set I was able to start on my trip.

I talked about how 2013 Finest was possibly my favorite sets from last year. Well, with a 20 cents box in front of my, I was able to put a big hurtin' on this ole set. Twenty-two cards in all with some pretty big names.

How about Beltre and Doc rocking the throwback unis! I prefer the Rangers power blue over the Phillies. Can't forget A-Gon and Cy Young runner-up Johnny Cueto (not too hard to call that one). Throw in Webster and Odorizzi rookies, and it's a good start.

Got some West Coast love in this scan. Kemp, Posey, Tulo and Arenado. Let me just take a second to say, I love the purple Rockies unis!!! Get rid of the black vests and wear these instead. Please?!?!?!

Anyway, Cliff Lee is one of those guys I really want to like, but he's never on a team that makes that possible for me.

Oh, and whatever happened to Bruce Rondon and him as the closer of the future situation? Did it really flame out that quickly. Give the guy a chance. Has to be better than Joe Nathan this year.

Rookies and Vets dominate here, though none of these have made anywhere close to an impact on their respective teams. Jered Weaver is sneaky good this year. Did you know he leads the AL in wins with 18? Crazy!

I know the Blue Jays are pretty much out of the race at this point, but could you image where they'd be if Jose Reyes were out as much as he was last year. Probably even worse than your last place Boston Red Sox.

Anthony Rizzo has finally had a breakout year. It's about time, right?

A UT alum, a bird, a PED user, a Trum-bomb and a couple rookies for this scan. The Cards can't really figure out what they want to do with Carlos Martinez. Starter to the pen back to starting. In their defense, maybe he should be a bit more consistent in his appearances. 

Did you guess the Tennessee alum? That'd be the knuckler R.A. Dickey.

Here's a couple guys that have spent more time of the deal than the diamond this season. Remember the time when you were afraid when your team played these two. Not so much now.

In addition to the cards above, I did grab four more Finests at a bit steeper price of $2 apiece. Once you see, though, you'll know it was a good deal.

See what I mean. 

So there we go. Another set for me to try to finish, but I couldn't pass up the deal especially with the price of a box of Finest! You'd think there was three gallons of gas in that box. Haha! I made a funny! (It's ok to laugh.)

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