Thursday, September 25, 2014

Start It Up

Since beginning the process of reorganizing my collection, I've debated the idea of adding a few more players to collecting habits. And after a few minutes searching through nickel and dime boxes, I've decided to make it official.

Time to start up a few new collections! I promise these will last long than Jon Jay and Tyler Colvin did. Why you ask? Because these guys are already retired and can do little to sway my confidence (aside from scandalously admitting to steriods, of course).

#1 Juan Gonzalez

When I was a young tike, my dad and I would discuss baseball in simple terms. Did the Braves win? Did the Yankees lose? But I can specifically remember our conversations about Juan Gone partly because that's how we referred to him. Simply, Juan Gone.

Such amazing strength from such a weird stance, a la Julio Franco, who Gonzalez played with in Texas. Sure there is the conversation about PEDs, especially being teammates with Jose Canseco, but Juan entertained me at a young age. For that, I'm grateful. Grateful enough to add him to the Player Collection list.

#2 Magglio Ordonez

Tons of players can be considered a consummate professional: Jeter, Cuddyer, Konerko, etc. We cannot overlook Maggs. Ordonez just went out and played the game the right way. Whether in the South Side or Motor City, Magglio produced and if not for A-Riod would have an MVP award under his belt (2007).

Maggs may never be honored by the Hall of Fame, but he is welcome here at HOT any time.

#3 Vladimir Guerrero

Affectionately known in the Byrd household as Vladdy Daddy, Guerrero was amazing to watch at the plate and wasn't too shabby manning the outfield either.

I will never forget the ball Vlad hit in Baltimore that bounced before getting to the plate and blooped it in for an RBI single. Again...AMAZING!

This will sound really biased, but Guerrero is possibly the second most important Expo in franchise history right behind Gary Carter.

No matter how old I live to be, I will never be able to see enough videos of Vladdy golfing a home run out of any park...EVER!

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