Friday, September 12, 2014

Can't Close My Book

What would a sweet out-of-town card show and card store haul be without a few cards for my Player Collections?

Terrible. That's what!

But never the proof right here! Let's start with Joey Bats.

Love the Gold Platinums and Bowman Hometown! Got a nice addition with the Finest and Allen & Ginter insert. Oh and the Lineage is a Venezuelan back. 

What about the newest Red Sox outfielder?

How about a sweet 2014 Series Two insert? Totally reminds me of the mid-90s Fleer Provision. Anyone else?

Speaking of 2014, check out my trio of Craig Kimbrel parallels. I was actually unaware Kimbrel had two cards in the 2014 flagship set.

Is it me, or does the Platinum Sapphire not look ridiculously awesome on this Longoria? Gotta love the oversized A&G, too. It will go great with my Hosmer.

Did some one say Eric Hosmer?

I honestly don't know much about these Gold Rush card, but I like them. Anyone have a clue?

This goes to show you the show had something for everyone. Mark Trumbo, everyone. I'm kinda shocked he's not taken to Chase Field and the National League better than his first year shows.

Finally, here's your Freddy Sanchez fix for the day.

Not a big fan of the Moments & Milestones. Couldn't pass up on the sweet deal for more Freddy, though.

That Upper Deck is one from the Special F/X sets. You know, UD's version of Chrome. Oh, and you can never have enough Gold. Bowman to be exact.

Those are just the bright spots. Starting to same up pretty good, huh? This is only the knob of the bat, friends.

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