Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Down...One to Go

It's no secret that I've been working on completing the 2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor set for more than a year now. Thanks to new sets, newer Helton wants, and a growing player collection, I've put the set on the back burner for most of 2013. But I have a renewed outlook after seeing my want list drop below 40 cards.

One other reason for the slow down in my pursuit of this beautiful, purple pieces of cardboard is the players left to acquire!

Chipper Jones, Albert Pujols, Clayton Kershaw, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander. Not to mention the two biggest fish of the set, Bryce Harper and...


That's right, ladies and gents. I pulled off the upset of the week scoring this Trout off the 'Bay for less than I would have paid anywhere else (COMC and Sportlots, to name a couple).

Only $7 including shipping costs. Still more than I wanted to pay, but I expected nothing less of a Trout card.

Who's Next?!?!?!

I'm coming for you, Bryce Harper!!!

Have a great night, everyone!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well Deserved Trade Post

It's been awhile since I've shown off some of the awesome cards I've gotten via trade from some great people...And it's high time I do something about it.

So I present to you...A TRADE POST!!!

Although I've only traded with my newest friend Brandon twice, we've had some great message exchanges and not to mention great package exchanges.

His latest bubble mailer included this awesome array of Player Collection cardboard!

Kimbrel, Tulo, Hosmer, Longo, and even a Freddy Sanchez! He knows me too well already.

That's was not all, though, friends. Brandon even sent me some 2012 Topps Chrome help, as well as this beautiful 2013 Topps Archive Larry Bowa SP. What an awesome haul, right?

The fun is just beginning with this trade post.

These next "cards", if you will, were sent by a man that I've trade with more over the past year than anybody in the blogosphere, except one person. And every time is just as good, if not better, than the last. That man is good ole Tom from Waiting 'til Next Year. Who knew a Cubs and Rockies fan could be such compatible card trading partners?

Recently, Tom post some Topps Chipz that he wanted to trade away. Being the opportunist I am, and possibly the only one dumb enough to care about Topps Chipz, I jumped on this...

Who doesn't love a smiling Cargo on a poker chip? Exactly!

Honestly, I'm not sure what draws me to these. It's almost like a moth to a bug zapper...or something like that. Anyway, Tom was also kind enough to send me some Rockies prospect cards.

Ok, I have a confession to make. I recognize one of the names, but only from a card I've gotten previously. I'm terrible with keeping up with prospects and rookies. Although, I did know of Nolan Arenado before the start of the regular season this year. That's a start, right?

Somebody??? Anyone??? Ok then. Ummm. Just kidding.

There you have it! Special thanks to Brandon and Tom. If you don't know these guys, please let me know, and I will give you their contact info (with their permission autographs please). These guys are great traders, and you need to experience it as well!

Have a great night, everyone!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Belated Birthday Celebration

As you may recall (and if you don't just scroll down a bit), I told you the story of my journey of a "before my birthday" birthday present from Ashley. Well, that wasn't all of the baseball-related celebrating that occurred.

You see, the weekend following my birthday I talked my little brother into taking a road trip with me. Where to you ask? The place everyone goes for a nice roadie...Louisville, KY!

Ok. You right. No one goes there for a road trip. Unless, of course, there's a card show in town!

Unfortunately, Louisville was on a short list (Murfreesboro, TN and Hickory, NC) of locations having a card show within driving distance. And while it was not a crowded as I was told it should be, my trip was well worth it.

I prepared myself with the fact that there wouldn't be a lot of Todd Helton stuff lying around waiting for me to pounce and what was there was probably base of which a have quadruples. So needless to say, I was extremely happy to find these.

$2 apiece! A steal considering most of these go for over $5 on the Bay. These weren't the only awesome GU I walked away with, though.

The quad of Dontrelle, Uggla, Miggy and Han Ram is by far the steal of the lot. Numbered 10/25...with Miguel Cabrera on it...$5. Not to mention my favorite card of the day the Hosmer/Moustakas dual jersey from '11 Bowman Sterling...$7

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much for the "vintage" stuff, but for some reason unbeknownst to me I'm drawn to '77 Topps. Especially when some of them were just a quarter.

They may not be some of the biggest players from the set, but I'll take them!!!

Oh, I couldn't forget my Freddie Freeman collection either.

Too bad I was only able to find four...

I even brought Ashley back some cardboard.

Lauriniatis, Mauer and Ohio St. Yeah, I did good.

Last, but not least, some random PC needs.

Finally found a Dante Bichette, Jr. Got the '12 Topps Chrome Black Bautista for a mire dollar. Even grabbed a Dexter Fowler Auto, which is also my first letter relic, #ed 1/65!

Not too bad for a four hour drive! Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

You would think that by taking a week of vacation during the week of my birthday that I would be able to write a post about what I did, where I went, what I got, etc. Well, to be honest, last week was more of a work week than my regular work week.

I won't get into the detail as I would like to not relive some of them. Instead, I'll share with you what Ms. Ashley surprised me with for my big 2-7.

No, not a badly taken picture with some idiots thumb in the way. A trip to COORS FIELD!!!

You see, Ashley knew Todd Helton was retiring this season. Call it woman's intuition. Call it asking me a million times. Call it asking everyone she knows that likes baseball. Call it what you will, she still knew.

So not only did she swing plane tickets (her dad is a pilot) and a place to stay (her brother was stationed at Peterson AFB). She came up with tickets to not one, but two games during the last Dodgers series!!!

Walking into Coors Field, staring at the surroundings and seeing the players warm-up, gave me one thought, "This just feels right!" 

I've been to quite a few major league stadiums, Turner Field, Old Yankees Stadium, Camden Yards, just to name a few, but walking into Coors was just a different feeling.

Honestly, I've only been a hardcore Rockies fan since 2006, but fandom apparently has no bounds as far as seniority goes.

Hands down, this is one of, if not the, most awesome birthday gift I have ever received. Pretty sweet, right?

[Note: Very few pictures because I was really into the games. Also, couldn't get a decent shot of Helton. Dumb phone.]