Friday, September 27, 2013

This End Is Near

Before you say, "Oh, no! Tim's going to preach at about the zombie apocalypse," I assure you, friends, that is not the case.

The end I'm speaking of is that of the career of Todd Helton. I watched with much anticipation Wednesday night as MLB Network aired all of Helton's at bats. As soon as the left his bat in the second inning, I immediately rose from my seat and lifted my hands in the air to celebrate the last home run for Todd at Coors Field. Being my first real baseball hero to retire, I felt a huge comfort come over me knowing at least he wouldn't go 0-for in his last game.

The home run was fitting for a finale at home for Todd, the all-time Rockies leader in the category as well as a host of others. He is, personal opinion of course, the best Colorado Rockie in history. While this winter he proved he was capable of mistakes, one would be hard-pressed to argue all the great things Helton has done in the Denver area, as well as back "home" in Knoxville, TN.

Helton may be nearing the end of his career, but my collection of him is far from ending. Except is you consider my last purchase, which arrived today.

Yes, it is a 2013 Topps Gold...but this is no ordinary gold from Topps. Oh, no no, friends. BEHOLD!!!

It is the 2013 Topps MINI Gold. The last of its kind, literally. A very fitting card to receive as the very end of an amazing career.

Todd may be kept out of Cooperstown for playing at Coors, but he can always be found here at the Home of the Toddfather.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm On a Roll

Just call me butter, my friends. Or, I guess, toilet paper, which is my dad's normal response to that statement.

Yesterday, I highlighted my post with three of my newest Todd Helton purchases/trade arrivals. Well, the mail lady had something else for me today!!!

Heck yeah. Pink, camo, now silk! After this purchase, I think it's reasonable to say that I'm all in for 2013 Topps Todd Helton parallels/inserts/hits/whatever else. Next up, who knows, but it sure won't be the Silk...because I already have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look What I've Got...

Sometimes it's good being a fan of more than one team. Colorado has been out of it seemingly since the All-Star break, but the Braves have clinched their first NL East title since '05. See what I mean.

By the why, have you seen the YouTube video the Braves have concocted. Pretty funny, but not Super Bowl Shuffle-worthy.

Just because the Rockies are fighting the Padres for the cellar in the West, doesn't mean I've skimped on adding to my collection...especially of Mr. Helton.

I've not been on eBay very often, but I was ecstatic to get ahold of this.

Ye-yeah!!! Camo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It may not be a significant number, but the 85 does mean that I OWN ONE OF THEM!!!

Pink...Check. Camo...Check. Emerald...Check. Walmart Blue...Check. Excluding 1/1s and if my quackulations are correct, I'm missing Target Red, Toys R Us Purple, Black, Gold and Silver Slate. The Black and Silver Slate where in my grasp on eBay as well, but I wasn't paying more than $20 for the Silver and forgot all about the Black auction. Dang it!!!

Ready for another numbered beauty?

BOOM! Triple swatch from 2005 Absolute Memorabilia. Not a huge fan of the design but definitely love the swatches and...

18/25! Score.

I've been able to pick up some more odds-and-ends from the early 2000s because Lord knows there are enough of them. Anyway, among those I finally got my hands on one of the most elusive pieces of cardboard I've ever tried to pick up.

An '02 UD Diamond Connection quad bat! While it's not the Gold version or the one with the likes of Sosa, Griffey and A-Roid, this particular group of players has avoided me for some years now. Whether missing/losing an auction or being priced outside of my range, I've been unable to leverage one for myself. Now? Well, now, it's mine. Brian Giles, Preston Wilson and Shawn Green have never looked more inviting before.

One word for this group of cardboard, my friends...SCORE! Have a great night everybody.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Back to It

Admittedly, I've been slacking on my blog posting and reading since joining some cards forums around the internet. What can I say? It's easy to get on there and set up trades whether I'm on lunch from work or just lounging around the house allowing me to stray away from the blogosphere and my friends.

A package that I totally forgot about reminded me today what I was missing in the forums where I'd buried my head: the personal relationships formed through reading a person's heart pour out into the hobby they love, cherish, etc. It cannot be found while stirring up trades elsewhere.

So after going through a trade package I received from Brian over at Play at the Plate, I went straight to the blogs that I constantly found myself reading only a couple months prior. Then proceeded to write this.

Enough with the pouring of emotions. Wanna see my loot? Dumb question. Of course you do.

Let's start with some mini-rama.

The Trevor Story is my first foray into the Bowman Chrome Prospect Mini Refractors (or whatever they are). I really like it, but Topps may be overdoing it with all these minis. Not sure of everyone else's feelings. Let me just say, though, that this are done much better than some of the other attempts ('87 Minis).

We also have the pacesetter of the "mini world", the 2003 Fleer Double Header. Love these, but man, they are hard to find! FYI: Jason Jennings was the Rookie of the Year in 2002 beating the likes of Brad Wilkerson (2nd), Kaz Ishii (4th), and Mark Prior (T-7th).

Time to show of the regular-size goods.

Sliding Cuddy in Emerald, swinging Rosario in Gold, Top Prospect (and ROY contender) Arenado. Let us not overlook the Garrett Atkins UD X GU. Atkins was a very good, productive member of the Rockies. For the Orioles...not so much. Coors Field??? Maybe.

It's a Tulo Attack!!!

Two rookies + three 2013s = LOVE. How many of you knew that Tulo wore any number other than 2 in any major league season?

Let's take a look at my favorite card from the stack.

Anyone have a guess? Try the 2000 Pacific Aurora. The bottom of the card has a fence in it! A FENCE!!! How awesome is that?!?! I've never in my life seen one of these before, and now I couldn't imagine my life without it. One thing, though: Larry Walker should never wear a Fu Manchu. That is hideous.

Last, but not least. A trio of Helton GU!

Two purples and a purple stripe. Now, those are some patches of royalty. Couldn't get too much better than that...except the SPx is #ed 5/800! Sweet.

Brian, thank you so much for this awesome package! Just awesome!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Honor of a Hero

As you've all heard, I'm sure, Todd Helton will be retiring come the end of the 2013 season, which will hopefully not end with Colorado in last place. Thankfully, I've seen Helton and his Rockies in person several times over the years and watched from afar as they stormed through the 2007 Postseason only to be swept by Boston. Through his awesome 2000 season (.372 BA, 216 H, 59 2B) and his abysmal 2012 campaign (69 G, .238 BA, 57 H), I've cheered on the Toddfather. 

There will be others (take a look at my PC page), but none with the loyalty, desire and drive as Helton. 

Thank you, Todd, for all the memories! You will be missed!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wherever the Chipz May Fall

Yesterday, I talked about my lack of buying into quite a few 2013 sets. Yet I did not mention one of the cooler sets (personal opinion, of course) for the year. I'm talking of course of the 2013 Topps Chipz!

These are obviously not your standard cardboard. And I can understand the traditional collectors not liking the idea of combining poker chips and baseball cards. For me though, the appeal is all about the elusiveness of a similar set only eight years earlier. That set...2005 Topps Pack Wars.

The Todd Helton from this set has eluded for a long time. Not only that, but any of the chips I would want are way out of my price range. This years version is affordable and loaded with stars, parallels, relics and autos.

Here's the thing, though. I've opened four packs and have no plans on finishing. Just trying to the likes of Mark Trumbo, Eric Hosmer and Dan Uggla. So, I'd like to trade them off for any of my PC players.

Here's what I've got.


Glow in the Dark?


The Hamels and Morse I've marked as Glow in the Dark may not be completely accurate, but the background on them is raise making it course. Really, I'm not sure what else they could be. If you can lend a helping hand with some info on these, it would be appreciate. The only chip that is possibly spoken for is the Alexi Ramirez.

If anyone is interested, you know how to get a-hold of me. Have a great night, everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who Needs 2013?

Don't get me wrong. 2013 has produced some killer sets in which I'd love to invest my time and money. The Allen & Ginter design is my favorite in the all the years of its existence. The Online Exclusive Minis and Gypsy Queen are kinda neat. Bowman Platinum is expensive. And I've already completed a set of Bowman that is very similar to this years design.

BUT...because of my reckless abandon deeper into the hobby in 2012, I have several incomplete sets, most of which I'm still working on. Dang you, Topps Chrome Purple!!!

Anyway, due to my near absence in 2013 sets (PC wants, Flagship and Archives excluded), I been able to do some wheelin' and dealin' with the same amount of money I do have. Several incredible people have made the dealin' part much easier.

Case in point, Brandon, CCW member and much-appreciated reader, hit me up after a desperate plea from yours truly for some "oddball" Todd Helton help. In return for my very first pack-pulled auto, Brandon provided me with these beauties.

Two lefty first basemen! Both numbered!! Both needed!!!

The Hosmer Gold is my second from this year's Archive. (The other, Jose Altuve. Anyone need it?) Eric has come around the second half of the season for the Royals and is a key part of KC's Wild Card run. In fact, I just read a very good article on Hosmer and the O's Chris Davis.

2002 was a good year for Upper Deck as it began to up its game to complete with Topps, Fleer and Donruss. Honestly, I'm a sucker for the different UD sets released from 2000-2008, and this Helton patch falls right in line. The best card is the AWESOME purple stripe!!! Doesn't hurt that its numbered. Have I said that already?

Thank you, Brandon, for these awesome cards and for reaching out. I hope you enjoyed the trade just as much as I did.

Have a great night everyone!!!