Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sets To Be Filled

What would a trip to a card show be without filling some gaping holes in my sets? A failure, that's what.

Fortunately, failure is not in my vocabulary...or at least I don't say it loud enough when others are around.

While no sets were finished in the making of this post, every inch helps.

Here we see a trio of 2012 Topps Chrome. One in the cellar, one in the wild card, and one leading the NL West. Oh, and one sponsors barbecue sauce. Cards missing: 10.

Ok, This is a 25-card set. I should have been done before I started, right? WRONG! These 2011 Elite Extra Editions are hard to come by in person, and when I make an order on Sportlots, eBay or COMC, I don't ever remember to check for these. Whatever. Cards missing: 8.

I wasn't sold on these 2014 A&G Pastime's Pastimes when I grabbed my first taste of them, but they're growing on me. Enough so that I've decided to complete the set. One thing I've proven to myself since 2011 is that I drive myself to finish A&G sets (base, SP, inserts) faster than anything but Flagship base. I've gotten a good start on these, but I'm going to have to catch up on the base. Cards missing: 78.

Admittedly, 1997 Collector's Choice Stick Ems are not a valuable set by any means...but I LIKE THEM! I have since I first laid my 10-year-old eyes on them. Now that I have the means, I must complete the set. Cards missing: 11.

Lastly is the hodge-pod of cards from the nickel box I found that I thought I needed, except the Michael Choice. It was a bit more than a nickel. I've need the Famous Chicken for a long time and have seen a few of them to buy. 1992 Triple Play is one of those sets I never remember to check, though.

By the way, am I the only one who loves the 1995 Score Hall of Golds? Freaking sweet design!

Cards missing - 1992 Triple Play: 1, 1995 Score Hall of Gold: 97, 1997 Collector's Choice The Big Show: 7, 1998 Score Rookies & Traded: 222, 2014 Donruss Series 1: 6.

Not much girth on the set side, but you gotta start somewhere. These are a good a start as any.

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