Friday, December 20, 2013

Check Out My Success, Part IV: Colors Ca-lore...and an A&G

Welcome to another addition of my COMS series! Hope you've enjoyed so far. If you haven't, I'm sorry, I guess. Don't worry. There is only one more post in the series. Hold your applause, please.

Time to delve into the 2013 Topps parallels. No discrimination is this post as the only retail color not represented is everyone's favorite...Toys R Us Purple. Hate those things...

How about we start with these, huh?

Not sure who's with me on this one besides this guy, but I like the Walmart Blue on 2013 more so than 2012. Just looks more natural. Here we have a former active PC and one of my smaller PCs. I really like what Pacheco brings to the table for the Rocks and hope they can find a way to work his bat into the lineup. Second base, maybe?

Pacheco number two, followed by the Baby Bull. Not sure if you knew this, but Pacheco came up through the Rockies farm system as a catcher and is the third option behind Rosario and Torrealba last year.

 Wow. I literally just realized all of these inserts are Rockies. Hopefully, that's a good sign. Keeping score Jeff Probst's Survivor-style. That's one for Troy, two for Wilin, two for Dexter and Jordan in the lead with three.

What!?!?! A non-Rockie parallel? And a...non-parallel parallel??? This Trumbo is one of the few from Gold I actually have, with two incoming. As for the A&G Goldschimdt insert, well, it didn't fit in any other category. You win some. You lose some.

By the way, I like the Trumbo acquisition for the D'backs, not so much for the Rockies. Chase Field, and Coors at that, will be witness to many Trum-bombs in 2014 and for years to come.

Hope everyone has a great Friday night, and remember. I still need lots of help with my 2013 Player Collection project. Anything will be appreciated.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Check Out My Success, Part III: Chrome/Finest Congregation

Time to bust out the shiny stuff! Last year's bout with 2012 Topps Chrome reeled me into the shiny, reflectory goodness that Topps has to offer.

The 2013 design is growing on me, and the Chrome versions are helping that along.

Yes, it's almost 2014, and I'm still talking about 2013 design. Leave me alone.

No base. Only refractors this go around. Apparently, my scanner thinks these should be purple, especially the Cargo. I'm actually only missing #42 J.P. Arencibia refractor.

If you've been keeping track, I've inadvertently been doing a countdown of my favorite 2013 sets.

3. Pinnacle
2. Bowman Platinum

Now for number one...I freaking love Finest!!!!!!!!!!! 

Great design. Awesome photos. Base, Refractor and X-fractor are visibly different. (Sometimes I can't tell unless I read the back.)

Two Refractors: Freeman and Tulo

Two X-fractors: Freeman and Tulo

Oh and one base: Freeman. (Already had the Tulo.) Two more purples, an X-fractor and a Die Cut. Can't get much better than that...unless, I got all the cards I needed, of course. But I digress.

Half way home in this five-part COMC series of posts. Any favorites so far? No favorites yet? Me either. I love them all!!!

Have a great night, friends.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Check Out My Success, Part II: Panini Palooza

As I'm sure most would agree, Panini just misses the boat for me. Last year, Triple Play was a creative alternative to not being able to use MLB logos, but everything else just leaves me thinking, "Nah."

This year, Panini has really tried to step its game up. This time not just with Triple Play either. I love the throw back to Studio for the Father's Day promotion, Pinnacle, even the idea behind Hometown Heroes.

So I decided to give Panini another shot with my 2013 Player Collection binder. Wanna see?

The Prizm design is pretty similar 2012 but with better photography (personal opinion, of course). The Fowler is the only one I purchased because of the low price. CarGo, Hosmer and Longo all made it to the Byrd household for one reason...the colored jerseys. Gotta love the Rockies purple and the baby blue KC and Tampa support. Definitely winners in my book.

Although it's not the flashiest of set, Pinnacle is probably my third favorite set of 2013. It's the nostalgia, I guess. Takes me back to childhood in the mid-90s. So if you keeping track at home:
3. Pinnacle
2. Bowman Platinum
1. ???

Anyway, I even love the Tulo Prizm Fearless. Sweet idea and design. Maybe next year, Prizm will have a totally different design (we can only hope).  

Keep up the good work, Panini. Studio...Pinnacle...Next year, Score??? Please, oh please, oh please...

Have a great night!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Check Out My Success, Part I: Bowman Bonanza

Not another COMC Black Friday post?!?!

Yes, my friends. COMC has brought me out of my shell. Free shipping on my order, which is always above any kind of minimums? I will take that all day long. Especially once you see what has gotten me all giddy.

It's actually the first time I've order from COMC since last Black Friday. Shame on me!

Anyway...Check out my cards! (Ha! I made a funny. What? Overdone? My bad.)

"I'll have a Blue Christmas..." with these awesome Bowman Blues. Cheesy? Yes. Awesome. Heck yes!

I literally knocked out all of my Bowman Blue PC needs but two. I had none before my order. Even more awesome? Of course!

I would like to say that I was disheartened to know that the Rockies had traded away ol' Dexter Fowler for a couple Astro chumps. I wish Dexter the best and will have a proper sending away for him and Drew Pomeranz next week.

Back to your regularly scheduled post...

I'm not sure about the Bowman International/Hometown parallels, and honestly, I don't think I've met anyone that was ecstatic to pull one. I'd love to know where everyone stands on these.

Bowman Platinum is my second favorite set of the year, and the cracked ice Gold, Ruby and Sapphire are amazing. 

Only missing Paul Goldschmidt from the Gold set if anyone has an extra laying around. 

Goldy in Gold. Figures.

These Silver Ice and Orange parallels are extremely hard to come by for a good price, which for me is less than a dollar. (Yes, I'm cheap.) Don't forget that sweet-looking Trumbo Die Cut from Platinum.

We're off to a good start to my COMC Madness. Hope you decided to come back a see what else I was able to wrangle up.

Have a great night, everyone!!!