Friday, February 28, 2014

New Additions: Ashley's Edition

As I mentioned a couple days ago, the 2014 Donruss was not all I walked out of my LCS with on Wednesday. But instead of bragging about what I was able to add to my collection (yet), I thought I'd dedicate this post to what my brought back to my better half.

If you've not read before, I've been blessed with a girlfriend you not only encourages my hobby but embraces it. Like I, Ashley has developed her own collection of players she likes for one reason or the other, mostly her favorite Ohio State football players.

So every now and again, I feed her collection, which I was able to do in my latest trip to Knoxville. Take a glimpse at her newest additions.

If you've glanced at her page on the tab above, you'll see the name of Ashley's favorite athlete centered at the top of the page: James Laurinaitis.

Here we have Laurinaitis in "old school", as Ashley refers to it, and gold. It's hard to find James in this neck-of-the-woods, so I have to take what I can get or wait until another COMC Black Friday sale.

The only kind of cards Ashley prefers over the "older style" is shiny. (And what girl doesn't? Am I right fellas?) Anyway...

$1 per card. That's it. Fitzgerald Camo Refractor...$1. Beanie Wells Pink Refractor...$1. Santonio Holmes X-fractor and Black Refractor...$1 each.

And yes, I realized Fitzgerald is not a Buckeye alum. May I again refer you to Ashley's tab up to.

Speaking of non-OSU athletes, let's move to the greatest sport on earth, America's Pastime, and the man who can take credit for the heftiest portion of Ashley's collection...the "dreamy" Joe Mauer (Ashley's words, not mine).

I actually came out really good as far as the Mauers go. Finest X-fractor, Documentary Gold, Prizm Band of Brothers, and a 2014 Donruss I watched the store owner pull from the second pack ripped. Score!!! It all comes back to 2014 Donruss, apparently.

Needless to say, Ms. Ashley was very pleased with her haul from my trip to town. I couldn't just leave her out, right?

Have a great night, everyone!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


If you're anything like me (sorry if you are), you read the title of this post two different ways.

1) Like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2) Like Jim Ross after Stone Cold Steve Austin gives the Stunner to someone unexpectedly

Regardless, you are about to read my thoughts and pulls from 2014 Donruss.

For my day off, I decided to venture out of the house and travel to the big city of Knoxville and my LCS. I honestly went just to kill time until Ashley gets off work. I perused around finding player singles for myself and Ashley, which I'll share tomorrow.

About 30 minutes into my visit, the UPS man delivered a box to the owner containing among other things three boxes of 2014 Donruss. I stood across the counter and watched as he opened the first box. Three packs in I was totally impressed. Such a simple design but great camera work and brilliant color.

So I took the dive head first and asked for a pack, something I've never gotten the chance to do before. The results were in my favor to say the least.

Quite possibly the best pack I've busted in over a year. While there is only one insert, The Rookies Enny Romero, the base speaks for itself. Andrus, Kershaw, Rose, Cabrera, Harper and of course Helton.

Like I mentioned before, a simple design, but compared to other Panini products I've ever opened only 2013 Pinnacle comes anywhere close. The action shots take away the need for the license with MLB. Only the Romero shows the emptiness from the lack of a logo. I don't even mind the team locations in script in the lower left corner. To me everything flows well.

After watching me open my pack, the owner tried his hand once again pulling the only Press Proof from the box, Albert Pujols.

Needless to say, I got the bug again and asked for another pack.

Not as good as the first but still a solid pack. Henderson, Archer RC, Reyes, Big Hurt, Scherzer, Ellsbury, Wright DK. I really dig the Diamond Kings, and I love that they begin the set, just like the hey-days of Donruss.

My suggestion to those on the fence for this product: Go buy at least one pack. I was iffy until seeing packs ripped. Now, I'll be trying to complete the set.

If all else fells and you hate the pack you bought, just send them to me! Ha!

Have a great day, everyone!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Trade List

There comes a time in every blog's life when a change is needed to keep the blogger out of hot water with other traders when his for trade inventory is not current.

With my new found love for Google Drive, I've been able to revamp my trade list(s), which can be found on the For Trade tab at the top of the page.

I have added and subtracted where necessary and tried to keep the "Over-Production" Era off the list unless it is a oddball set or insert.

To celebrate, I want to give my friends a shot at the trade list first before I use it on any other site!

Admittedly, my lists don't sparkle and shine like some others, but who knows? You might find something you want or need. Feel free to peruse and tell me what you think.

Have a great night, everyone.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Do the Rockies & Joe Mauer Have in Common?

Well, I'll tell you thanks to Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop. Late last week, I got a package in the mail from Marcus. Although very expected, my friend delivered an outstanding group of cards, and not all of them were mine to claim.

With help from the Backstop, I now have an almost complete Series I Rockies team set. But these men in purple are going to separate boxes or binders.

It's is hard for me to believe this may be the last time Todd Helton will ever be on a new product from Topps. I'm glad to see the "highlights" type card Topps through in to commemorate his retirement.

Which do you like better: Target Red or Walmart Blue? They may be from different years, but I'm digging the red over blue. Don't get me wrong. I won't turn them down...

The Cargo is going to the '13 PC Project binder to help slowly dwindle the number needed. I should have more coming down the pike, as they say, from a certain Rangers fan.

The answer to the post title will now be revealed. What do the Rockies and Joe Mauer have in common???

They both came in the package from Marcus...and I would just like to say that it made a certain someone very happy. Blue and shiny for Ashley. As for the 50 Years of Draft, THAT'S JOE MAUER? Huh. Who would have thunk it.

A huge thanks, Marcus, from Ashley and me. Hopefully, I can repay the favor soon. Have a great night, friends!

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Few 2014 For Trade

Good evening, friends.

It's been awhile since I've posted some stuff for trade. So I will take a some time away from bragging about my recent pick ups to post some 2014 Topps for trade.

I've opened a blaster, hanger box, rack pack mad about five packs. I'm working on the base set and any insert set not listed below. I'm also still looking for help on my 2013 PC Project (link found on PC page). Oh, and I forget about 2014 Todd Helton. I have the two base (Thanks, Marcus) and Walmart Blue #17. Anything else is welcome.

If you see something you need, hit me up with an email or a comment on this post.

Have a great night, everyone!

Commemorative Patch: CP9 Mariano Rivera
Green: 300 Darvish (slight bend at top of card from pack; can send scan)
Red Hot Foil: 209, 210
SP: 40 Ryu (Playoff Variation)
Target Red: 9, 30, 45 Marisnick RC, 97, 100 Harper, 120, 169, 175, 176, 181, 213, 215 Segura, 221, 245, 249, 286, 303, 325, 326
Upper Class: 8 Koufax, 27 (Cano), 48 Aaron
Yellow: 67, 184