Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You're Killing Me Smalls

Recently, I ran across The Sandlot ran by Mets fan Joe. In a post a couple weeks ago, Joe was advertising his 2013 Topps for trade, and he still has some left.

Anyway, I put in my request, found some Mets that I haven't already traded to the Clubhouse, and made a visit to the Post Office.

Upon arriving home from work on lunch break, these beauties were waiting in my mailbox.

Only 18 remain on my 2013 Flagship Series One. I'm digging Wade Davis' socks. Wonder if the Royals have anything like that for him to rock.

The Uggla Mini is going in the PC. The set can wait for ole Danny Boy. I also really like the Calling Card set. Different with a hint of A&G. I'm more interested in completing that one and the Chasing the Dream than the Minis.

Joe even threw in some Rocks for my collecting pleasure. FYI: Did you know the Rockies signed the losing pitcher from Puerto Rico in the WBC Championship Game...Giancarlo Alvarado. According to Costas or Kaat or Verducci (whichever it was), Alvarado was cut by the last place team in the Japanese Central League. I know the Japanese play good baseball, but if you're getting cut by the worst team in the league, you shouldn't be getting a deal with a Major League team, let alone start the championship game in the WBC...against the Dominican!!!

Rant over.

Thanks for the great cards, Joe. Looking forward to another deal soon.


  1. Tim, which Calling Cards do you need still?

  2. Roy, I'm still looking for 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14, 15. Any help would be appreciated.