Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The World's Fastest Half Mile

As an East Tennessean and a sports fan, I get odd looks from people that ask me, "Have you ever watched a race at Bristol?" And I answer no...That was until Sunday.

You see, Ashley and I have a friend that works for the sponsor of the Sprint Cup race, and she was given four tickets. As you can predetermine, she asked us to tag along.

Free ticket...check. Free ride...check. Free parking...check. Coolers allowed in...check. PERFECT!!! I'm there.

(Yes, I'm cheap. So sue me. You wouldn't get much.)

Anyway, it was definitely an experience worth having...once.

Let me put it this way. If I had to pay for it, I would have been extremely disappointed. The race was actually pretty close until the final caution when Kasey Kahne left everyone in the dust.

There are a few things that I came away with, though:

1) The feeling of having the adult beverage can in your hand shake as the cars go by is unbelievable.

2) Standing on the track were some many legendary drivers have "burned rubber" blows my mind.

3) When during pre-race introductions the driver says, "I need no introduction," said driver has become my new favorite.

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