Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to Downsize

Friends, bloggers, readers. Lend me your ears...Corny enough for you. Ok, you read right. I am downsizing my collections, kinda. I have partials of several sets, whether it be one card, ten cards, or 50 cards. More often than not, I have no desire to complete those sets. Again, they can be base, inserts or parallels. All manufacturers, all years. What I've decided to do throughout the year is posting those sets with numbers, names and scans (if the set is small enough). Maybe some are sets you're trying to finish, or maybe a card will help your player collections. Regardless, we can help each other in a trade. I will be posting the first of those sets some time tomorrow.

I will also be adding to the blog will pages for each team and the trade bait for all the players on said teams. I will be putting up singles, inserts, parallels, game-used and autos. This will be a work in progress, so nothing will be up just yet.

If you see something you like from either the posts or the future pages, just shot me an email. I'm always ready to trade. Remember to come back tomorrow for the first of those Downsizing posts.

1 comment:

  1. So this means you don't want to join my group break for the Rockies then? Bummer! On the other hand, I'll be paying attention to see what goodies you post in the upcoming days/weeks.