Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glad I'm Not the Only One Who Noticed

While sitting at work, I pulled up the Hall of Fame results on After noticing the top vote-getters of the class, I scrolled to the bottom to see who I would not see on the ballot next year. I was shocked as many where all over twitter that the one-and-only Aaron Sele received a vote. HE RECEIVED A VOTE!!! That's ridiculous. Someone took a vote away from a legit Hall of Famer and gave it to Aaron F-ing Sele. What is wrong with this person? Ok, cool. You don't want to vote for anyone associated with PEDs? No problem, but don't give your vote to a guy with a career 4.61 ERA with 148 career wins. Give it to The Crime Dog, Larry Walker, Lee Smith, Mike Piazza, Craig Biggio, Dale Murphy, Jack Morris...NOT AARON SELE!!!

Now it's time to get off my soap box. Maybe next year, they'll vote for Brewers' Great Geoff Jenkins.

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