Saturday, January 5, 2013

2008 Tristar Projection Reflectives

I acquired these chrome parallels about a year ago after purchasing several packs, then a box, of the '08 Tristar Projections. For some reasons, I was drawn to them. Pretty basic but weird design, especially like on the Conger and Friday cards. Regardless, I think it boils down to recognizing the names on Minor League cards that got me. Out of all the packs, I only came across six Reflectives. The picture doesn't quite to these justice.

Here's what I got:
48 Nathan Vineyard (Mets)
68 Michael Burgess (Nationals)
106 Omar Poveda (Rangers)
147 Brian Friday (Pirates)
160 Casey Weathers (Rockies)
167 Hank Conger (Angels)

Honestly, the only guy I know in the group is Hank Conger only because he got a pretty significant rookie push from Topps. I did find out, though, that Weathers is currently playing right down the road from me for the Tennessee Smokies (Cubs AA affiliate). 

Two down, too many more to go. More sets will be posted tomorrow. Hopefully, you'll find something you like.

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