Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Christmas Break

Well, my friends, it is time for the Second Toddfather Group Break, better known as the Christmas Break. The first break consisted of all this year's Topps products. The second break will be all Upper Deck. Don't worry, folks. No 2008 Documentary or X or the base sets from 2006-2010. Let's break it down, shall we?

First, 2002 UD MVP. I, personally, love the black cards on the set. Sure, they show dings more, but they are very nice. 24 packs of 8 eights. The set is chalk-full of Ichiro inserts. No huge rookies to speak of, but many great players in this 300-card set. 

I honestly don't know much about this 2002 UD Rookie Debut box, which was one the reasons I chose to add them to the break. Numbered cards, autographs, game-used, and inserts were another. 24 packs of 5 cards. Pretty excited about this box.

Finally, I really, really love these cards. There is an aura to the base set that has drawn me to adding this box to the break. Yeah, it's a facsimile signature on the base, but I don't care. 24 packs of 6 cards, plus one guaranteed auto. Feel free to check the links or search the sets on It will be $5 per team, and only $7 for two. Shipping is included with both prices. Great cards for a low price.

You can leave comment or email me at roxfantn17 at yahoo dot com with your choices. Once you team choice(s) have been confirmed by me, a payment should be sent via Paypal Gift Payment to the email address mentioned earlier. I will accept cash, checks, or money orders if you have no Paypal account. Paypal is preferred, though. International buyers, please add $1.50 extra for shipping.

The same rules apply from the first break. Multiple players from different teams on one card will go to the person who has the team of which the first player is listed. Any team that goes without hits will get the hits of the teams not claimed if any exist. The same will hold true if there are any cards with non-baseball players on them (other athletes, celebrities, etc.). Finally, here is the list of teams.

A's - Colbey H.
Angels - Tom T.
Astros - Sean P.
Blue Jays - Doug C.
Braves - Tim B.
Cardinals - Weston D.
Cubs - Jeff L.
Diamondbacks - Jason P.
Dodgers - Ryan H.
Giants - Adam S.
Indians - Ryan H.
Mariners - Doug C.
Mets - Steve D.
Orioles - Ryan H.
Padres - Rod R.
Phillies - Sean P.
Pirates - Rod R.
Rangers- Tom T.
Red Sox
Rockies - Tim B.
Royals - Ryan H.
Twins - Jason P.
White Sox - Jeff L.
Yankees - Steve D.


  1. I would like the Phillies and the Astros.


  2. I'll take the Mets and the Yankees as well if they're available. Thanks!

  3. I'll take the Cardinals please. Thanks. :)

  4. The Mets are gone, so I'll pair the Mariners with the Blue Jays this time. I'll send paypal later today when I'm on a more secure computer.

  5. I'll take the White Sox and Cubs. Payment is on the way.

  6. I'll take the A's in hopes you pull some Tim Hudson cards for me! Payment coming shortly.

  7. If it isn't too late I will take the D-Backs and Twins for $7. My payment will be on Saturday afternoon from my family acct pilarskifamily at msn dot com. Thanks!