Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How About Some Fleas?

Ok, so maybe I want or have fleas, but I did make a trip to the Flea Market and scored some great cards for dirt cheap. You guys really have to see these. Only one of these will not be up of trade. I'll let you guys figure that one out on your own.

I picked up this Nick Punto auto for a whopping $1. You'd expect it to look like total crap. Bent corners, creases, the whole shebang. This card is crisp. Really nice. Oh and it books for $10.

This card met various criteria to make it to my collection. Unique, numbered, Rockies, and most of all Todd Helton! I've never seen a back-to-back dual jersey. Numbered 51/125. Two of the most successful Rockies in franchise history. And one was, of course, the Toddfather himself.

The find of the day was this 1999 UD Ionix Cyber Mike Piazza. The seller told me this card booked for $30 when I inquired on the price. My initial reaction was "yeah, right," but after I bought the card and got it home, I was very surprised. Purchased the cardboard masterpiece for $1, and the man wasn't off by much. The Pizza Man books for $25. I love this Flea Market, and now you can see why. Call me a cheap, and I'll say, "So."

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