Monday, November 19, 2012

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

Even though I've not been very active on here, I have been very active in purchasing new stuff to bolster my trade bait and show off. What I've started to do is broaden my scope when shopping on eBay...literally. Instead of searching for a certain player or set, I'll simply search "baseball cards" from lowest to highest and have found some great stuff. Four cards I'm particular that I've received so far are pretty awesome. First is this '12 Topps Update Black Paul Maholm numbered 51/61. Great pickup for the Braves down the stretch. Even better card, in my opinion. Started at a penny...only card I spent more than $2 on ($2.75).

This Eric Hosmer N43 from 2012 A&G is in great condition. I've never owned one of these, and I know you're thinking, "Tim, you say that about a lot of things." And you're right. I've just started delving deeper into collecting outside of Todd Helton. I like Hosmer, and I really like this card. Started at a penny. Sold to me for $1.88.

Next, Michael Morse's '12 Archives Gold Foil has made it's way into my hands. I like to put together the parallels from Lineage and Archive when I have the chance, and Morse fell into my lap. Started at a penny. Probably overpaid for it at $1.50.

Last but not least is one Matt Kemp. Really nice card. I like Triple Threads a lot (just not enough to buy a box, let alone a pack). It was a no-brainier to pick this card up. Started at, you guessed it, a penny. Bought for only $.40.

Four great cards, two serial numbered, for just a combined $6.53. Not too shabby, my friends. Not too shabby, indeed.

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