Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Trip to the Dollar Store

The trade market is pretty slow in the MLB Winter Meetings and at the Home of the Toddfather. Never fear, Doug is here. Doug from Sportscards from the Dollar Store, that is. After some communication after the First Ever Toddfather Group Break, Doug and I were able to strike up a pretty big deal. Well, I got my package today with all the goodies. Don't worry, Doug. Yours is on the way. Lets break it down.

As with many trade packages sent to me, the Rockies are well represented. Dexter Fowler had a great 2012, especially compared to his 2011 in which he was demoted to Triple-A after a terrible start. This Futures Game Jersey card of a young Fowler is pretty sweet. Doug also added this National Chicle Card and Darryl Kile (RIP).

The 2012 Topps has given me a really hard time to finish, and Doug has come to the rescue with 15 cards highlighted by Longo, Giambino, and NL MVP Runner-Up Chase Headley.

Finally, with all my wrestling references, Doug decided to throw in some 1991 WWF Classic cards, 54 to be exact. Check out this haul. The Hulkster, the Warrior, Jake "the Snake", Macho King, just to name a few. Doug has come through for me. Rockies, baseball, and wrestling. A great trade indeed. So thank you, Doug.

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