Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Definitely Not the Home of the Five Star

I've read numerous reviews of the 2012 Topps Five Star, and I normally like to stay out of the line of fire on these sort of things, but I'm not a fan. This "high end" set seems to be the result of Topps executives getting together and discussing what kind of cards they would spend there exorbitant amount of cash on. Who in their right minds would want to drop over $400 for a box of maybe 20 cards? Granted they are all numbered, but I'd rather spend $30 on two boxes of 1992 Donruss than $400 on these cards. I did purchase one of the "base" cards on eBay just to see what I'm proudly missing. 

I paid $4.49 for this Jose Bautista. Probably a waste of money, but it could make for a nice trade bait item down the road.

Anyway, back to these "high ends." 32 "different" kinds of cards in the set with inserts and parallels. Nine one-of-ones. Base cards numbered lower than active and retired player autos. Retired player autos that include John Kruk, Albert Belle, Dave Kingman, Ken Griffey, Sr., and Robin Ventura. Active autos that include Mike Napoli and Anthony Rizzo. 

My apologies to those who collect these players, but if this is a "high end" set, how about some "high end" players? Don't get me wrong. They have some all-time greats. John Kurk? Really???

I don't want Five Star. I don't want Tier One. I don't even want Triple Threads. That is unless my blog's namesake is in the set. So while even though the Series One, Series Two, Update, Allen & Ginter, and Lineage/Archive may be all gimmicked-up, I'd rather drop my money in those barrels than put my whole paycheck in one box of any of these "high end" crud.


  1. No love for the Krukster, huh? LOL!

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I just don't see what all the fuss is when you can get most of the same players' autographs in other products like Archives for a fraction of the price. Yeah the cards look nice but they are still pieces of cardboard after all.