Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The '02 UD Rookie Debut Portion of the Christmas Break

Ok, guys. So, after a little research, it looks like the UD Rookie Debut carries three UD brands in some sort of short print/series extending way. The brands: Victory, Honor Roll, and Ovation. Alrighty then. Let's see what we can find.

Pena after a great start to
his career in OAK.
Pack 25
Jorge Padilla RC (Victory) - Phillies
Abraham Nunez (Victory) - Marlins
Carlos Pena (Ovation) - Tigers
Reed Johnson (Honor Roll) - Blue Jays
Kirk Saarloos (Honor Roll) - Astros

Jayson actually played
behind the plate for the
Tennessee Smokies.
Pack 26
Aaron Guiel RC (Victory) - Royals
Jayson Werth (Victory) - Blue Jays
Orlando Hudson (Ovation) - Blue Jays
Brian Tallet (Honor Roll) - Indians
Hee Seop Choi (Honor Roll) - Cubs

Looking good in Purple.
Pack 27
Franklyn German RC (Victory) - Tigers
Mark Bellhorn (Victory) - Cubs
Jay Payton (Ovation) - Rockies
Carlos Pena (Honor Roll) - Tigers
Mike Crudale (Honor Roll) - Cardinals

A young D-Ross.
Pack 28
Ken Huckaby RC (Victory) - Blue Jays
Jeff Weaver (Victory) - Yankees
Eric Hinske (Ovation) - Blue Jays
Trey Hodges (Honor Roll) - Braves
David Ross (Honor Roll) - Dodgers

The only "big" RC today.
Pack 29
Kaz Ishii RC (Victory) - Dodgers
Karim Garcia (Victory) - Indians
Hee Seop Choi (Ovation) - Cubs
Eric Junge (Honor Roll) - Phillies
Raul Mondesi (Honor Roll) - Yankees

First Alou relic I've ever
seen in person.
Pack 30
Jeriome Robertson RC (Ovation) - Astros
Tony Alvarez (Victory) - Pirates
Josh Bard (Ovation World Premiere #1910/2002) - Indians
Moises Alou (Rookie Debut Solid Contact GU Bat) - Cubs
Marlon Byrd (Honor Roll) - Phillies
Jaime Cerda (Honor Roll) - Mets

A man of many different
Pack 31
Nate Field RC (Victory) - Royals
Andy Van Hekken (Victory) - Tigers
Kenny Lofton (Ovation) - Giants
Eric Good (Honor Roll) - Expos
Aaron Guiel (Honor Roll) - Royals

.183 career ML hitter
Pack 32
Eric Good RC (Victory) - Expos
Carlos Pena (Victory) - Tigers
Mark Prior (Ovation) - Cubs
Kevin Cash (Honor Roll) - Blue Jays
Jeriome Robertson (Honor Roll) - Astros

#ed RC > Alfonzo Soriano
Pack 33
Josh Bard RC (Victory) - Indians
Kenny Lofton (Victory) - Giants
Travis Driskill (Ovation World Premiere #265/2002) - Orioles
Eric Eckenstahler (Honor Roll) - Tigers
Alfonso Soriano (Honor Roll) - Yankees

Hinske in one word...
Pack 34
Mike Coolbaugh RC (Victory) - Cardinals
Jim Rushford (Victory) - Brewers
Scott Rolen (Ovation) - Cardinals
Eric Hinske (Honor Roll) - Blue Jays
Lance Carter (Honor Roll) - Rays

Very reliable for the Cards
down the '02 stretch.
Pack 35
Earl Snyder RC (Victory) - Indians
Chuck Finley (Victory) - Cardinals
Torii Hunter (Ovation) - Twins
Brandon Puffer (Honor Roll) - Astros
Adam Dunn (Honor Roll) - Reds

Really nice middle reliever
for the Brew Crew in '02
Pack 36
Ryan Bukvich RC (Victory) - Royals
Marcus Thames (Victory) - Yankees
Jason Durocher (Ovation Standing Ovation World Premiere #13/50) - Brewers
Ray Durham (Honor Roll) - A's
Nate Field (Honor Roll) - Royals

Wow! Three days and four Eric Good Expos RCs. They must have expected him to be Stephen Strasburg before Stephen Strasburg was Stephen Strasburg...Or something like that. Really nice looking Alou bat card, and I'm digging the Ovations. We'll be finishing the Rookie Debut tomorrow.

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