Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Ready for some Pro Sigs? Me too, so let's started.

The Cy Young winner
we all know and love.
Pack 49
Bartolo Colon - Angels
Johan Santana - Twins
Edgar Martinez - Mariners
Angel Berroa - Royals
Alfonso Soriano - Rangers
Orlando Cabrera - Expos

Big Bad Vlad
Pack 50
Vladimir Guerrero - Angels
Mark Mulder - A's
Tim Hamulack First Class- Red Sox
Sammy Sosa - Cubs
Jose Reyes - Mets
Andruw Jones - Braves

This man is nothing but
raw strength.
Pack 51
Larry Walker - Rockies
Jacque Jones - Twins
Jim Thome - Phillies
Carlos Lee - White Sox
Scott Rolen - Cardinals
Eric Gagne - Dodgers

The Namesake!
Pack 52
Javier Vazquez - Yankees
Josh Beckett - Marlins
Edgar Renteria - Cardinals
Todd Helton - Rockies
Mike Lowell - Marlins
Troy Glaus - Angels

One of the A's Big Three
Pack 53
Frank Thomas - White Sox
Jim Edmonds - Cardinals
Shawn Green - Dodgers
Richie Sexson - Diamondbacks
Tim Hudson - A's
Ichiro - Mariners

2001 WS Hero
Pack 54
Preston Wilson - Rockies
Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
Garret Anderson - Angels
Luis Gonzalez - Diamondbacks
Geoff Jenkins - Brewers
Shannon Stewart - Twins

What's up, Doc?
Pack 55
Roy Halladay - Blue Jays
Alex Rodriguez - Yankees
Rafael Palmeiro - Orioles
Hank Blalock - Rangers
Carlos Beltran - Royals
Jeff Bagwell - Astros

Piazza's definitely not
remembered for much of this.
Pack 56
Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
Jeff Kent - Astros
Scott Proctor First Class - Yankees
Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays
Mike Piazza - Mets
Kerry Wood - Cubs

Pack 57
CC Sabathia - Indians
Chipper Jones - Braves
Mike Mussina - Yankees
Magglio Ordonez - White Sox
Jose Vidro - Expos
Mark Prior - Cubs

Mad Dog
Pack 58
Ivan Rodriguez - Tigers
Rocco Baldelli - Rays
Reggie Sanders - Cardinals
Jerome Williams - Giants
Greg Maddux - Cubs
Mike Sweeney - Royals

Really nice silver parallel.
Pack 59
Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
Jason Giambi - Yankees
Mike Sweeney Silver - Royals
Curt Schilling - Red Sox
Kevin Brown - Yankees
Miguel Tejada - Orioles

Tex before his trip
to the Dark Side.
Pack 60
Eric Chavez - A's
Adam Dunn - Reds
Phil Nevin - Padres
Lance Berkman - Astros
Roger Clemens - Astros
Mark Teixeira - Rangers

One word describes these cards to me. That word...AWESOME!!! A minor hit with the Sweeney Silver, but to me all these cards are hits. A small base set allow for great stars. A great looking card. A special place in the "extended base set" for rookie cards and autographs. You can't go wrong with these cards, and they're much better than the Rookie Debut. That's for sure. Come back tomorrow for some more Pro Sigs goodness.

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