Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Finale...

Apparently, my Blogger iPad app did not want to post yesterdays break results last night, so I had to upload this afternoon. Sorry about that guys. This is it. The last day of the Christmas Break. I want to go ahead and thank you all for participating in my second break, and hopefully, you will consider joining the next one, which will probably not be until February. If this is your first interaction with me, please make sure I have your address. I will attempt to have all the packages out by the middle of next week, so everyone should have them before or right after Christmas. To quote a famous commercial, "Here we go."

Manny being Manny.
Pack 61
Jorge Posada - Yankees
Manny Ramirez - Red Sox
Roy Oswalt - Astros
Eric Gagne - Dodgers
Todd Helton - Rockies
Mike Lowell - Marlins

An underrated '90s Brave.
Pack 62
Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox
Dmitri Young - Tigers
Renyel Pinto First Class - Cubs
Troy Glaus - Angels
Vernon Wells - Blue Jays
Ryan Klesko - Padres

Man, he was a master
of his craft.
Pack 63
Gary Sheffield - Yankees
Milton Bradley - Indians
Greg Maddux Silver - Cubs
Austin Kearns - Reds
Barry Zito - A's
Bret Boone - Mariners

A goatee-less King Albert.
Pack 64
Brandon Webb - Diamondbacks
Sean Burroughs - Padres
Ben Sheets - Brewers
Albert Pujols - Cardinals
Derek Jeter - Yankees
Torii Hunter - Twins

Big Unit, intimidating as ever.
Pack 65
Rocco Baldelli - Rays
Reggie Sanders - Cardinals
Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays
Mike Piazza - Mets
Kerry Wood - Cubs

I like the HRD picture.
Pack 66
Jason Giambi - Yankees
Eric Chavez - A's
Adam Dunn - Reds
Magglio Ordonez - White Sox
Jose Vidro - Expos
Mark Prior - Cubs

Probably the last time
you'll ever see Jerome
on my blog again.
Pack 67
Phil Nevin - Padres
Bartolo Colon - Angels
Jerome Williams Silver - Giants
Jerome Williams - Giants
Greg Maddux - Cubs
Mike Sweeney - Royals

Never the same after
that fateful HRD.
Pack 68
Johan Santana - Twins
Edgar Martinez - Mariners
Chad Bentz - Expos
Curt Schilling - Red Sox
Bobby Abreu - Phillies
Kevin Brown - Yankees

Miggy Jack
Pack 69
Vladimir Guerrero - Angels
Mark Mulder - A's
Larry Walker - Rockies
Miguel Tejada - Orioles
Lance Berkman - Astros
Roger Clemens - Astros

Bags looks good in gold.
Pack 70
Jacque Jones - Twins
Jim Thome - Phillies
Jeff Bagwell Gold - Astros
Mark Teixeira - Rangers
Angel Berroa - Royals
Alfonso Soriano - Rangers

Where's the beer
and chicken?
Pack 71
Javier Vazquez - Yankees
Josh Beckett - Marlins
Edgar Renteria - Cardinals
Orlando Cabrera - Expos
Sammy Sosa - Cubs
Jose Reyes - Mets

The biggest hit of the break.
Pack 72
Hideo Nomo - Dodgers
Brian Giles - Padres
Brent Mayne Auto - Diamondbacks
Andruw Jones - Braves
Carlos Lee - White Sox
Scott Rolen - Cardinals

There we have it. The auto from the pack was literally in the last pack opened. Congrats, Jason, on the only auto in the break. Thanks again everybody.

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