Friday, May 3, 2013

The Final Countdown: '90s Base Edition V

Well, ladies and gentleman. I'm only about, I don't know, five days late with finishing this thing, but it is time to reveal my favorite base set from the 1990s.

For the last time, let's review.

#5 - 1995 Score
#4 - 1995 Topps Embossed
#3 - 1997 Leaf
#2 - 1994 Fleer Extra Bases

Finally, number one! My All-Time Favorite '90s Set...1994 SELECT!!!

There is nothing not to love about this set. I love the design. I love the colors. I love the photography. I love the nameplate. I even love that every card, except for the rookies, are horizontal!!!

Speaking of photography. There's not only two awesome pictures on the front.

There is a just-as-awesome pic on the back!!!

As you can tell from ole Chuckie Carr here, Score/Select had a great time shooting with some of the players. Thumb through a set if you don't believe me. (See John Kruk.)

Hmm...Wonder if a certain Dime Box Guy has seen this CC gem.

The overall quality of these cards are great. Kinda gives you the feel of a "high-end" set nowadays.

Chicks may dig the long ball, Mr. Glavine, but I'm just digging the guy that actually caught you batting.

The rookies in the set are quite a bit different from the rest of the base, but I love them, too!!! Check out the names in this rookie class from Series One.

Series Two, ahhhhh...Not so much.

You know it's rough when Steve Trachsel (a.k.a. Mr. I lobbed one in to Big Mac so he could break the HR record) is the biggest name rookie in the Series. Oh well. Can't win them all, I suppose.

That's all folks. The countdown is over, and I really want to know what you think. What are your favorite set from the last decade of the last millennium? And what do you think of '94 Select? 


  1. When it comes to 90s cards, I usually lean towards the ones that I remember the most as a kid, not the ones that necessarily LOOK the best. Just how I'm wired, I guess. Since I stopped collecting around '96, most of my favorite sets are from the first half of the decade. I loved '93 Upper Deck, and thought that '94 Stadium Club was super rad. Even though they might be considered "boring" or "ugly", I love '92 Topps and '91 Fleer. The shiny-ness of Pinnacle's '92 and '96 sets and Ultra's '92 and '93 sets won me over as well.

    Not a bad choice at all for #1, Select was a good brand.