Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Impossible?

It's no secret. I'm not huge on the many different colors of Topps. If the colors don't fit into my player collections, normally, I try to ship them to someone who can really appreciate them. (See Mark with you Walmart Blues.)

Recently, through some good future, and of course eBay, I'm inching closer and closer to filling out the rainbow of Freddie Freeman.

Take a look.

As far as I know, the only Freddies missing are Opening Day Blue Sparkle, Target Red, Camo, Pink and Black. If there are more, please someone tell Topps to cut it out! (Hahaha! Full House reference.)

Can anyone out in the blogosphere help a brother out? Trades, advice about, or directions to my missing Freemans would be greatly appreciated and handsomely reward if successful!


  1. I've got the Target Red coming your way big guy. You can unload any your unwanted 2012 A&G relics on me if you'd like. Keep an eye on your mailbox!


  2. I've got the Opening Day blue sparkle. Let me know if you're interested.