Friday, May 17, 2013

PC Pick-ups From Everywhere

Hello, everyone!!!

I can believe I've neglected to post something in more than a week. Shame on me. I apologize, but it has been a hectic two weeks in the Byrd household.

Last week, Ashley graduated from King College in Bristol, TN, and this week, my little brother graduates from high school. 

Tonight, I will be sharing my latest collection additions. It's been awhile since I've played show-and-tell, so I though tonight would be as good a night as any.

I've been slacking on a few of my PCs lately, and Jose Bautista is one of them. I added his 2006 Bowman Draft Picks for less than $1 from eBay. All the Gypsy Queen you see came from my buddy, Jeroen, The Dutch Card Guy, all the way from the Netherlands. Honestly, I can even remember where the Bautista sticker came from, but thank you to whoever sent it.

Nice shot of Cargo in the purple unis from Finest, 2011 I believe.

Four Freddies from four fellas!!! How's that for alliteration for ya!?!? The Prizm came from Tim in Canada via CCW. The GQ Mini Relic was send by Tom over at Waiting 'til Next Year. Roger from Sportscard Mask-a-Rade was ever so gracious to send the Target Red. Finally, the Blue Sparkle is thanks to Weston at Fantastic Catch.

Other than Freddie, Dan Haren is probably my fastest growing PC. It seems like I stubble on someone trying to drop a Haren like it's hot! A GQ, Finest, and Platinum Gold. Love the Gold. It even looks that good in person.

Can't forget my boy, Eric Hosmer. A Triple Play from Tom, a Prizm from Canadian Tim, and two 'Bay purchases in this lot. For the record, I own three of the "Slate" parallels (Freeman, Hosmer, Longoria), and I'm not impressed. Throw a Opening Day logo on it and suddenly it's $.50, not $5.

Lastly, I was so proud to pull off a card-for-card swap for this Walmart Blue Freddy Sanchez from 2012. It is literally the first Sanchez I've gotten in more than a year. Sad, I know. Other than Bichette, Jr. and Dykstra, Sanchez is my smallest PC by far, even though I have a "Trifecta" of him (RC, Auto, Relic).

Thanks to everyone who have sent me trades in the past few weeks. Jeroen, Tom, Weston, Roger. You are all great and appreciated! If I've left you out, trust me. It is not on purpose. Everything I get is appreciated!

I'm ready for some more trades! TELL 'EM ROCK!!!

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  1. Pretty sick pickups overall espeially all of the Gypsy queens. I have a trade an unorthodox proposition for you but I know you will listen because it involves Todd helton. Love the Blog btw Check mine out feel free to join the site if you like what you see.