Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Curiosity...Let's Hope It Doesn't Kill the Byrd

I was sorting through cards a few days ago when I stumbled on a small stash of a certain player in which I've not noticed a big demand. Once I name said player, I bet you'll start to wonder why as well.

That player? One, Magglio Ordonez.

Magglio was a six-time All-Star, batting champion, MVP runner-up and AL Central lifer.

When I look back on the era of Maggs, I but him in the same category as Brian Giles, Jermaine Dye, and even Vlad Guerrero and Todd Helton.

Every one of them extremely important to their respective teams, and it showed when they missed time.

Ordonez was definitely not the best of the bunch. In my humble opinion, that was a tie between Todd and Vlad, but Magglio was a very good player for quite a few years. Just not great.

Here's my question. Is there anyone out there who collects Mr. Ordonez? I'm not looking to move cards unless asked. I am merely curious. If you do, or don't for that matter, what do you think of Magglio's career?

Again, curiosity is getting the better of me.


  1. Magglio is a rather interesting player. He seemed to just kinda show up at some point to no fanfare and start hitting. Guy amassed over 2100 hits with a career OPS+ of 125. Real good player, underrated.

  2. I think the problem for players like Ordonez, Giles, Dye, and to a certain extent Guerrero is that the split their peak years between teams.

    I think moving teams mid career really pushes away team-centric player collectors on both sides.