Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Ever Toddfather Group Break

I have decided to try something different. The Home of the Toddfather will be hosting its first ever Group Break! We will be breaking, drum roll please...

2012 Topps Chrome

2012 Topps Pro Debut

2012 Topps Update
It's going to be a great group of cards. Prices will be flat per team. $9 for one team, $12 for two. Cards with more than one player from different teams will go to the team that has the player listed first on the card. Any "hit" from a team not chosen or not of a specific team will be distributed to buyers whose teams did not have hits. I'm looking for at least 16 teams claimed to go on with the break. Hit me up if you want to participate. Anyone and everyone is welcome...as long as the money's good, of course. Here's the list as it stands.

Braves - Home of the Toddfather PAID
Mets - This Way to the Clubhouse
Nationals - This Way to the Clubhouse
Cardinals - Fantastic Catch
Cubs - My Sports Obsession PAID
Reds - Classic Card Collector PAID
Diamondbacks - Classic Card Collector PAID
Dodgers - The Angels, In Order PAID
Giants - ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession
Padres - All the Way to the Backstop
Rockies - Home of the Toddfather PAID
Blue Jays - Sportscards from Dollar Store PAID
Orioles - Screaming Line Drive PAID
Red Sox
Yankees - Fantastic Catch
Indians - Sportscards from Dollar Store PAID
Tigers - Dutch Card Guy PAID
Twins - Home of the Toddfather PAID
White Sox - My Sports Obsession PAID
A's - O No! Another Orioles Blog PAID
Angels - The Angels, In Order PAID
Mariners - O No! Another Orioles Blog PAID
Rangers - Screaming Line Drive PAID


  1. i will take the Rangers and the orioles.

  2. I will also take the Yankees as well.

  3. I will take the White Sox and the Cubs. How are we doing payments?

  4. I would prefer a "gift" payment through Paypal, but I can accept checks and/or money orders through the mail if that is what others prefer.

  5. I'll take the Jays and the Indians. Just let me know what the paypal is, and if it is any more for shipping to Canada.

  6. Likewise, let me know the paypal addy and I'll get the payment out to you.

  7. I'd be interested in the Diamondbacks and Reds if they are still available. Let me know where to send payment.

  8. Sorry, Jeff. The address to send money to is roxfantn17@yahoo.com. Since enough spots are full, I have started accepting payments.

  9. Hey I would like to jump in. I will take the Astros and Brewers.