Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A First in the Life of Tim

Remember back to your childhood of your child's childhood, if you will. All the baby's first were written down in a little book. First tooth, first step, first word. Well, it's time to add another first in the book of Tim. Along with hosting my first group break, which still has spots available by the way, I have added my first trade package from overseas! All thanks to The Dutch Card Guy. As soon as I found his blog, I knew we had to trade, and that we did. Jeroen sent me a slew of goodies including some Rockies, some 2007 Fleer to help my set, and some 2012 Archive to FINISH my set (base at least). But this is the crown jewel of what Dutchy sent.

A 2011 Topps Finest Orange Dan Uggla. This beautiful card as you can see is numbered 50/99. What a great addition to the Uggla page! And how wonderful to receive on the same day he hit the first inning three-run bomb to power the Braves to a victory. So thanks to The Dutch Card Guy for adding to the book of Tim firsts.

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