Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look What I've Got...

Sometimes it's good being a fan of more than one team. Colorado has been out of it seemingly since the All-Star break, but the Braves have clinched their first NL East title since '05. See what I mean.

By the why, have you seen the YouTube video the Braves have concocted. Pretty funny, but not Super Bowl Shuffle-worthy.

Just because the Rockies are fighting the Padres for the cellar in the West, doesn't mean I've skimped on adding to my collection...especially of Mr. Helton.

I've not been on eBay very often, but I was ecstatic to get ahold of this.

Ye-yeah!!! Camo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It may not be a significant number, but the 85 does mean that I OWN ONE OF THEM!!!

Pink...Check. Camo...Check. Emerald...Check. Walmart Blue...Check. Excluding 1/1s and if my quackulations are correct, I'm missing Target Red, Toys R Us Purple, Black, Gold and Silver Slate. The Black and Silver Slate where in my grasp on eBay as well, but I wasn't paying more than $20 for the Silver and forgot all about the Black auction. Dang it!!!

Ready for another numbered beauty?

BOOM! Triple swatch from 2005 Absolute Memorabilia. Not a huge fan of the design but definitely love the swatches and...

18/25! Score.

I've been able to pick up some more odds-and-ends from the early 2000s because Lord knows there are enough of them. Anyway, among those I finally got my hands on one of the most elusive pieces of cardboard I've ever tried to pick up.

An '02 UD Diamond Connection quad bat! While it's not the Gold version or the one with the likes of Sosa, Griffey and A-Roid, this particular group of players has avoided me for some years now. Whether missing/losing an auction or being priced outside of my range, I've been unable to leverage one for myself. Now? Well, now, it's mine. Brian Giles, Preston Wilson and Shawn Green have never looked more inviting before.

One word for this group of cardboard, my friends...SCORE! Have a great night everybody.

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  1. Nice pick ups! I need to score me a camo card of a Giants player, they look pretty cool. I am also a big fan of the Tools of the Trade cards, congrats!