Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Final Countdown: 90's Base Edition

While I have juggled around the idea, I have yet to do any kind of countdown here at the Home of the Toddfather.

Well, that is about to change.

Starting tonight, I will be featuring my top 5 base sets of the 1990s.

Why the '90s, you ask? That, my friends is when I got my start as an eager young card collector. Why, I remember going to the Revco and buying pack upon pack of 1992 Score and Upper Deck with my dad.

In this countdown, I will not be featuring off the wall crazy sets like Topps Tek, nor will it including sets like  UD Collector's Choice SE (even though I like the blue borders better than the white). Also, these will be Base Sets, which obviously means no parallels or inserts.

I would also like to encourage you to comment on any set you see. Whether good or bad, I'm curious as to everyone's opinion.

Let's get started.

Coming in at number five...........1995 SCORE

In my opinion, this was the year when Score started to pull away from Topps, Donruss, Fleer and Upper Deck. I like the design. And what a great idea of using green and brown. Reminds me of...a baseball field.

While I did like what Donruss, Upper Deck and even Fleer did in 1995, I'll buy a box of Score any day. Honestly, they're just more aesthetically pleasing. 

And chock-full of great action shots like this Rafael Belliard and the Neon Deion above.

Who doesn't love the simple, yet freaking sweet design on these Rookie cards. Nice white border with the players spilling out of the shot onto said border. 

Too bad Green and A-Roid were the biggest names in the bunch.

Score did decide to mix things up between Series One and Two. The 1994 Highlights, part of Series One are basically typically cards. Crisp shots, not too busy with the lettering and logos.

These, though, are my favorites by far from the set. So different from everything else Score had put out thus far. They are just awesome cards.

You think that's a regular look from ole Joey. What a mean-looking sob!!! (See Fernando Vina.)

One down. Four to go. Any thoughts?

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  1. Can't wait to see the other four... But to be honest, I'm not a fan of 95 Score (though I love that Rod Beck card). Nothin wrong with the photography, but don't like the borders at all. The rookie cards DO look good, though, I'll give em that.

    Great idea for a countdown! Most of my favorite cards are all early 90s, so I'll see if any of those sets make the cut!