Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feels Like the First Time: Trade Post

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love receiving random emails from bloggers/readers I've never dealt with before. Whether a "hey enjoy your blog" or "got some stuff you might be interested in", I squeal with joy (on the inside of course) when reading.

I've gotten quite a few here lately from some really swell guys, Greg from The Collective Mind and Roger from Sportscard Mask-a-Rade. And boy have they both hooked me up!!!

Greg contacted me in regards to my 1994 Fleer Extra Bases post. In addition to knocking out about half of my Extra Bases needs, Greg shipped some '88, '92 and '95 Score, '07 Fleer, '06 and '07 Topps and '10 Topps Update.

Those weren't even the coolest things in the package.

Two Inaugural Spring Training Programs

Four tickets stubs from said season 

And a 1995 Spring Training Program. Sweet, right!!!

Just five short days ago, Roger emailed me with a trade proposal. Today, I received my portion of the goodies. Much needed help!

A Nice start with the Pujols Calling Card. By the way, I'm just missing one now.

I was stoked knowing Roger was sending the Harper for this set. That's one guy I'm glad I don't collect!

I love these Cut to the Chase inserts. Long way to go on them, though. I guess it's not just me that likes the shiny.

One of the only times I'm glad to see a couple Yanks make the cut.

I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this set. I really should get on the ball.

Thanks be to Greg and Roger for their fine array of cardboard (and paper) send my way. You guys are awesome. I hope to hear from you both soon!

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  1. You're very welcome Tim & Ashley! Glad I could "Make you an offer you couldn't refuse"!!