Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Something Different...

Happy Monday, my friends!

Before I get into this whole "different" thing, I'd like to take the time to show my respects for the man that changed the face of not only baseball, but AMERICA!!!

Thank you, Jackie Robinson for your courage, sacrifice and honor. You will forever be appreciate by black and white players, coaches and fans of all sports.

Now I'd like to tackle the topic of PWEs.


But I have a way to make mine unique. I know your thinking, "Tim, what are you talking about, you fool?"

Well, friends, if you haven't visited This Way to the Clubhouse, here's my explanation.

I will not longer be sending Plain White Envelopes. I will be sending Colored Envelopes.

No, not the kind you get with greeting cards, but I will be hand coloring each that I send to match what is in the envelope.

That may be the most childish thing you've ever heard of, but at least you know where it came from as soon as you open your mailbox.

I have already sent two, so be on the lookout for poorly colored envelopes (PCEs).

1 comment:

  1. Colored envelopes and a Jackie Robinson shout out in the same post? Watch out for the PC Police!

    Just joking man, I know what you mean, sounds cool. I wonder what the Padres envelopes will look like? Brown? Mustard? Blue? Sand? Orange? So many choices.