Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recent Pick-Ups

Time to show you guys what I've been up to lately on the card-buying/trading front and proudly display my newest additions.

Before revealing the first card, I'd like to thank Jason for bringing this card to my attention. Thankful because...


This beautiful Helton came from the wrapper redemption from Archives, but honestly I could care less! I love this card. Thanks again, Jason, for introducing me to my little friend...

Next, a less heralded pick up from a GU/Auto/Patch draft done over at CCW. My first pick? Well, it was the only card that fit into one of my PCs.

A Freddy Sanchez rookie auto from Topps Finest. Not crazy about the design, but I can get over it. I'd really like to pick up a Sanchez GU bat card eventually, but I won't hold my breath.

Finally, a trade I made on CCW with one of my newest friends, Jerry. In return for a 2012 Topps Update Blockbuster Hat Patch King Albert, Jerry sent this...

If you've read my blog before, you know I hate the high-end set, mostly because I can afford them and partially because I think they drive up the price of the regular sets. Anyway, a numbered Trumbo jersey trumps a Pujols hat patch in my book anyday.

That wasn't all Jerry sent, though.

Trum-bomb rookies! My Trumbo collection is still in its infancy so these are a welcome sight to my binder.

This is not all the cardboard to make its way to the Byrd's Nest. There will be more to show next time.

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  1. I love those Blue Sparklers too. I call 'fractor cards with other players on them "Beam Me Up, Scotty" cards.