Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going In to the All-Star Break

Hola, everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying this last day before the All-Star break watching games all day. With a 3-1 Rockies win over the Fighting Puigs, I am a happy camper.

Speaking of the newest superstar Cuban, is anyone else bothered by him? I know Bryce Harper and Mike Trout were shoved down our throats last year, but something really gets to me.

Anyway...before I share my recent pick-ups, I must say that I've been slacking as a blogger. Most of the time for no good reason. My laptop going down started all of this. This rest...well...pure laziness on the part of yours truly.

I do plan, however, to start posting more often. Or at least try to.

I have been active on CCW and SCF trying to make some trades, complete some sets and bolster my PCs. That's actually were I acquired all these awesome cards.

First, you will not believe how much I spend on this lot of cards...

2013 Bowman PC Needs

2013 Bowman Gold PC Needs

2013 Topps Parallel PC Needs

Random PC

 And a 2013 Heritage Cespedes SP

All these cards...FIVE BUCKS INCLUDING SHIPPING!!! Awesome, right! I can't even fill in the six remaining cards from Archives, let alone a couple of SP, for $5.

Next, some cards in a trade with Ty, on SCF.

2008 UD Documentary CarGo RCs

2012 Topps Chrome Orange PC

And Wilin and Troy


While I've not been buying and trading as much as I would like, please know that I'm always seeking trades to better my collection and that of those I trade with. If you want to deal, please check my PC lists and want list, and I can do the same for you. Surely we can strike up a deal!

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