Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back to the Break

Hola, compadres. Time to finish cracking into these '02 UD Rookie Debuts. Maybe a better go of it today.

What ever happened
to this kid?
Pack 37
Julio Mateo RC (Victory) - Mariners
Brett Myers (Victory) - Phillies
Bartolo Colon (Ovation) - Expos
Andy Van Hekken (Honor Roll) - Tigers
Jayson Durocher (Honor Roll) - Brewers

Professional in every
sense of the word.
Pack 38
Rodrigo Rosario RC (Victory) - Astros
Matt Clement (Victory) - Cubs
Miguel Tejada (Ovation) - A's
Barry Wesson (Honor Roll) - Angels
Scott Rolen (Honor Roll) - Cardinals

It's sad when Mench is
the best card in the pack.

Pack 39
Scott Wiggins RC (Victory) - Blue Jays
Kevin Mench (Victory) - Rangers
Ben Diggins (Ovation) - Brewers
Mike Smith (Honor Roll) - Blue Jays
Hansel Izquierdo (Honor Roll) - Marlins

Decent pull with Nieves.
Pack 40
Kirk Saarloos RC (Victory) - Astros
Justin Wayne (Victory) - Marlins
Wil Nieves (Ovation World Premiere #ed 1311/2002) - Padres
Lance Berkman (Honor Roll) - Astros
Shane Nance (Honor Roll) - Brewers

Pack 41
Jeremy Hill RC (Victory) - Royals
Josh Fogg (Victory) - Pirates
Andres Torres (Ovation) - Tigers
Freddy Sanchez (Honor Roll) - Red Sox
Geronimo Gil (Honor Roll) - Orioles

Fro-less Coco

Pack 42
Jorge Sosa RC (Victory) - Rays
Coco Crisp (Victory) - Indians
Alfonso Soriano (Ovation) - Yankees
Jose Rodriguez (Honor Roll) - Cardinals
Jason Beverlin (Honor Roll) - Indians

Decent career in the pen.

Pack 43
Chris Snelling RC (Victory) - Mariners
Eric Hinske (Victory) - Blue Jays
Lance Carter (Ovation World Premiere #ed 929/2002) - Rays
Jorge Padilla (Honor Roll) - Phillies
Howie Clark (Honor Roll) - Orioles

Floyd was featured in a
video game called
Backyard Baseball in 2003.
Pack 44
Josh Hancock RC (Victory) - Red Sox
Peter Munro (Victory) - Astros
Cliff Floyd (Ovation) - Red Sox
Austin Kearns (Honor Roll) - Reds
Julius Mateo (Honor Roll) - Padres

Two words...
big disappointment!
Pack 45
Howie Clark RC (Victory) - Orioles
Brandon Larson (Victory) - Reds
Eric Chavez (Ovation) - A's
Travis Hughes (Honor Roll) - Rangers
Mark Prior (Honor Roll) - Cubs

Pre-reverse evolution
Pack 46
Jaime Cerda RC (Victory) - Mets
Ben Diggins (Victory) - Brewers
Jayson Werth (Ovation) - Blue Jays
Tim Kalita (Honor Roll) - Tigers
Satoru Komiyama (Honor Roll) - Mets

Almost as bad as

Pack 47
Eric Junge RC (Victory) - Phillies
Scott Rolen (Victory) - Cardinals
Austin Kearns (Ovatioin) - Reds
Orlando Hudson (Honor Roll) - Blue Jays
Jason Simontacchi (Honor Roll) - Cardinals

Yet another rough pack.
Pack 48
John Ennis RC (Victory) - Braves
George Lombard (Victory) - Tigers
Brett Myers (Ovation) - Phillies
Jason Davis (Honor Roll) - Indians
Sean Burroughs (Honor Roll) - Padres

I would like to take this opportunity to apologized to all involved in this group break. I obviously made a horrible mistake picking this box for the break. I hope you can all forgive me. Shew...Glad I got that off my chest. Anyway, seeing the O-Dogg in several of these packs made me think...How on Earth did he get his own puzzle in the 2012 Triple Play set. Hudson hasn't be relevant since like 2006 or something like that.

Two teams, the D-Backs and White Sox did not score this round. Never fear, though. Unclaimed cards from this go around will be distributed appropriately. Now it is time to get excited. Tomorrow starts the final box, 2004 UD ProSigs. Looking forward to see what is in store.

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