Friday, January 24, 2014

So Much for Keeping Up in 2014

As you can tell, I've neglected my spot here at the Home of the Toddfather for several days.

Go ahead. I'm a terrible representative. Management needs to make a call to the 'pen. I'm well aware, but I may or may not do better. Not sure. Might want to check back next week.

While I'm here, I might as well show you want I've picked up recently. Before that, I'd like to say that I'd love to get back into the swing of trading with my fellow bloggers/readers. Most of my best trades have come via the blogosphere. Honestly, I miss it. So don't be surprised if you get a friendly email from your friendly neighborhood Tim.

I'm still in the midst of working on my 2013 PC Project (want list here). Slowly but surely, I'm inching closer to a finish. A nice fire sale on one of the forums I've joined helped out a ton.

My love for '13 Platinum is well documented, but the Sapphire Platinum Freeman is beautiful. Gotta love the cracked ice look. A Finest Longo, a couple each of the newly formed team of Trumbo and Goldschmidt and a trio of Cargo finish out this starting lineup. Actually, the Finest, Topps Chrome and Update finish those sets in my binder. Told ya...closer and closer.

While I as at it, I added some other player delights to their respective collection. Color is the key here, mostly.

Green, black, sepia, gold and uh...prizm? I did say mostly color, right? If I had to pick a favorite here, it's definitely the Chrome Black Trumbo. Oh, and here is the numbers on the top row. Longo, 12/199. Trumbo, 30/100. Bautista, 19/75.

How about some Rockies? You got it.

Let's see. Where to start, where to start? The Bowman Draft Jonathan Gray is my first in terms of Gray and '13 Draft. The TTM Pacheco only cost me a quarter! I also got my first new-to-me Ellis Burks in about six months. Last and definitely least, I'm glad Dante Bichette got rid of that horrible fu manchu. 

Since it was a fire sale, I took my opportunity to pick up some less notable but still very good rookies from the Class of 2013.

I love this guys name...Jedd Gyorko, and he plays second base. Maybe a few PC. I do have a soft-spot for very good two-baggers. Schoop had a great showing with the Dutch in the World Baseball Classic, and he's in purple, even better. Alex Wood was very effective down the stretch for the Bravos. Very unorthodox, but effective nonetheless.

You didn't think I'd leave Ashley out, did you? Ok, normally you'd be correct, but did I mention it was a fire sale?

Let's see how I did. Ashley's favorite color is blue, check. Ashley likes the old-looking style, check. Ashley loves shiny, check. (What woman doesn't? Am I right, fellas? Oh, um. Don't let you woman read this part. Don't want any nasty emails.) Overall, I'd give my effort a solid A, and Ashley agreed.

All of this for just over $10. Can someone say steal? I know I did. Have a great night, friends!

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